67 – Website Overhaul, New Pattern, Design work


Pixel Lattice – quilted sample, waiting on binding

Episode 67 Show notes:

  • The website got an overhaul this last week
  • Playing around in Electric Quilt
  • Pixel Lattice – first pattern for sale! The design process for that.
  • Selling patterns on Craftsy – why you should!
  • Testing out some new crayons for my sea creature class sample
  • Gone with the Wind fabric collection
  • New iTunes Reviews and a podcast mention
  • Basil’s latest knee adventure
  • Machine Embroidery quilting designs on Etsy

Machine Embroidery quilted medallion – available on Etsy



Quilting in Progress


  1. Eileen UK says:

    Love the Pixel Lattice and am buying the pattern. I notice you quilt on your machine without actually hooping the design. How did you do that? I have been avoiding my embroidery machine for quilting as there is too much bulk.

  2. The machine embroidery looks fabulous!

  3. I finally found time to listen to your podcast today.. I just love your podcast. I’m gonna go out and check your pattern on Craftsy. I love there platform. I have also updated my blog. I haven’t moved to WordPress, but think it will be soon. I am also looking into creating a podcast. Any advice would be great. On your podcast you stated something about being a Craftsy Affiliate. Could you be so kind to send me the information on that… Thanks so much. Love the look of your blog.

  4. Don’t know why, but my blog wasn’t coming up…
    http://www.ucanquilt2.blogspot.com... Sorry about that. Oh by the way the machine embroidery looks great.

  5. Jennifer says:

    I had to laugh at Byron’s pillow-seeking instinct. My dog does the same thing. After I leave in the morning, she takes my spot, head on pillow and waits for my husband to wake up and pet her until he has to get up. Its hilarious.

    Great episode (as always!).

    • Dogs that sleep on pillows are so cute! That’s funny that your dog switches places with you after you leave.

  6. Very nice embroidery … Done loaded your podcast and am listening as I have a lazy morning. I think I should break down and buy and MP3 player so I can listen to pd/c at GdS sports events. Your conversation in a lot more fun then what I hear there. Love the new look of your web page … so clean.

  7. Thanks for forging ahead into new frontiers of fabric design and publishing. I will be cheering you on fron the sidelines!