Etsy order finish, Gone with the Wind obsession

Last week I got a custom Etsy order for coordinating sewing machine organizer mats. I decided last night I’d make as much progress as I could on the order – I ended up finishing them in one night! They turned out really cute. I love the fabric she chose.  You can make your own with my free tutorial!  She wanted a smaller one for her serger so I did a mini size that has two pocket areas instead of three.

Sewing machine mats

And I talked about my purchases from Inspire! on the podcast but now you can see them here. Some fabric and a pattern for an iron caddy (it looks really fun I hope to work on it this week).

Inspire! Purchases

UntitledMy lighting for my room is getting better thanks to a few Ottlights I found on clearance. They went together pretty quickly and I put one on either side of my sewing cabinet. I love that they have a foot control for on/off (I wish it was glow in the dark though). They are bright! I don’t think I’ll have to worry about my room being a dark dungeon for a while. I like that they’re pretty too and not the utilitarian style.

I think the one next to my club chair will be handy when I’m binding and such.

I talked about my Gone with the Wind fabric obsession on the last podcast and it started coming in! I particularly like this panel:

Gone with the wind fabric

I think I just have one piece left to get and I’ll have most of it to plan a quilt with. Last night I decided I was going to embroider some of the famous lines from the movie onto the wall hanging. It’ll be a tribute to my favorite film.

Here are two of my corgis looking out their new favorite window:


  1. The sewing machine mats turned out really cute, Katie! I was thinking about you yesterday because I saw the last 15 minutes of Gone with the Wind by accident :))

  2. You’re a quilting phenom!!

  3. carol c says:

    I adore this tute, I tell everyone this makes life so much easier when at home or traveling. Your corgis are really cute! How about mom making a raised bed on wooden squatty spools for the window for them? LOL, look for caps for stairways
    for the feet of it. old fashioned 6 inch rounds in my mind. I also love the color of your sewing room, I painted my bedroom that color a few years ago. My sewing room will eventually have PINK walls-lol

  4. Go by a hardware store and get a small can of flourescent spray paint to paint the on/off switches. If you don’t want to do that – see if they have flourescent tape. Just an idea…