Thursday Techie Tidbits

UntitledI have a few neat little tidbits I thought I’d share. ┬áMaybe this will become a regular thing if I can think of enough techie tidbits for ya’ll!

WordPress Gravatar – add an icon that represents you when you comment on WordPress Blogs!

If you comment on a lot of WordPress blogs you may have noticed that the avatars are always a little different and some people seem to have a custom avatar. Ever wonder how they do that? It’s not very hard to do once you learn how! Your custom avatar will follow you and work on every WordPress site you comment on. You can update it and change it in one place and it will update everywhere too! Custom avatars stand out and set you apart from other commenters.

Here’s a video showing you step-by-step how to create your own custom Gravatar to use on WordPress blogs.

Learn a new language for free! – Duolingo

I found this new website/app last night and thought it was so awesome I had to pass it on. I’ve wanted to learn a second language for a while but didn’t want to pay the prices some language software companies like to charge. Duolingo is a free program to learn a new language and it beats lots of the language software and university classes that try to teach you a new language. It’s completely free – no advertisements, no gimmicks, no red tape. They make their money from other people needing documents and websites translated so Duolingo becomes a way for a crowd of people to translate documents for others. (This is the same company that created recaptcha – a service that digitizes books while minimizing spam on websites.)

They only have six languages at the moment but they do plan on adding more as time goes on. It’s a really neat interface. I’m attempting to learn some Spanish (it comes in handy down here since we’re so close to South Florida).

PC World wrote a neat article about it last Summer. Give it a shot! It’s kind of fun. If you try it let me know – we can add each other as friends!


  1. Nice tip, Katie. It will be fun to see my birdie buddy instead of some random graphic.

  2. Katie, thanks for the info. I will definitely create a gravatar in the near future.