Website Overhaul & a Sneak Peek


I’ve been working on a bit of a website overhaul the past week or so. My old design was beginning to irritate me and kind of wanted a fresh start with something new.  This new design will automatically resize itself based on the size of your browser you open it on – even if it’s on an iPhone! Give it a shot, it’s kind of neat to see the resize happen.

I’m still reorganizing a few things and want to make certain items in my blog easier to find (like organization tips, product and book reviews, etc.) so there will be some tweaking along the way.   My husband helped me get the new theme to properly play mp3 files in a little player and offer a download link again.   So if you notice anything strange or something not working let me know please!

Sneak Peek

The last few days I’ve spent in design mode. Yesterday I came up with a fun block that had to be paper pieced. It turned out so cute I decided it would be my first pattern for sale. It will be released this week (possibly tonight if I can get everything finalized). I have a few friends testing the pattern for me today. It’s good for beginner paper piecers. Take a look at Pixel Lattice!

Pixel Lattice

Pixel Lattice


The design creates a great lattice effect when multiple blocks are sewn together. I really had fun playing with the different colorways for this block. So many options work well with the design. Look for the pattern this week! It will come in five sizes and will be $3 for a PDF download off of Craftsy.


  1. Carole Wool says:

    You site is clean and easy to read. And your new block is wonderful, plenty of room for some fun quilting!

  2. Love the changes – and it does work on an iPhone!

  3. I really love the new look, Katie! The background reminds me of Cape Cod and the Beach with the white wash wood. Very pretty!