Andrea and some more Paper Piecing

Six days in to hurricane season and we’ve already had our first tropical storm! Yesterday was kind of exciting at work. The tornado sirens sounded all over campus and no one really knew what to do. So we ended up huddling in a stairwell until we were given the all clear 10 minutes later. After that the weather kind of cleared up. I was surprised since I expected lots more rain and flooding.

I printed out some more foundations and after consulting the book realized they should be 5.5″ square. My first one was about 8.75″ square and I can’t remember why I printed it out so large. It was good practice I guess. I love how teeny the small ones are though!

That’s my pinky finger for size reference

I did two blocks last night while watching some more Doctor Who with Ringo and the corgis. I’m having a ball with these little pineapple blocks.

If we still have our modern quilt guild meeting tomorrow I’ll probably be taking these along.


  1. WOW, those ARE some tiny pieces! Glad the storm finally moved on!

  2. Marye Albritton says:

    Hey, Katie, where did you get the pineapple block pattern?? I really like that but think I’d love to do a big one as a wall hanging.

  3. landscapelady says:

    You should try the pineapple ruler, it’s great’ then you could strip them. I love pineapple blocks 😉

  4. You and my best friend should get together. She could do those tinies all day long. Me, I figure it takes as long or longer to make a little as it does a bigger, so I’ll stick with bigger. =)

  5. I love paper piecing. I’m not sure if my next big project will be Neimeyer, deJonge or my own. 😀 Love the colors you chose for these pineapples!

    • Those deJonge quilts are amazing to look at. I’m not sure I’d ever attempt one though. I have a small Neimeyer pattern that I haven’t opened yet, maybe I’ll do that soon.

      • Neimeyer patterns can seem pretty intimidating, but her instructions are disgustingly thorough and, man, do they go together well! I’ve never had a mistake or something “off” on a pattern of hers. As for Dejonge – I’ve done one (a level 3…the easiest she has!) and it was pretty good. Everything fit together great. The only problem was that it’s translated from dutch…pretty well except for some rather funny colloquialisms that didn’t come out quite right. : D I’ve seen Deb Karsik’s stuff over at Quilt Mavens. Looks a little simpler – but haven’t tried her out. Very beautiful though.