Big WIP Wednesday Update

Lots of updates in this post! I can see the end nearing of my big quilting studio move finally.

New Pegboards Installed

I work best under deadlines. Since the A/C guy has to have lots of stuff moved around the garage it forced me to finish my painting projects. I got the dresser finished and moved out and the pegboards were done on Monday. I managed to hang them by myself. If you want to get the details on my hardware and pegboard choices you can read this previous post.  The new pegboards were painted using the same paint used on my dresser refurb.  It took two coats.  I removed all the thread and rulers from my old pegboard and stuffed them into a small rolling cart.


The corgis took a break.

I grouped thread by color again on my ironing board so I could start putting it on my pegboard.

I moved the hooks around so I could organize my rulers how I wanted. I’m short so I wanted the stuff I use a lot near the bottom.

Over at my cutting table I needed a few hooks to hold my rotary cutter and scissors since I use them a lot and didn’t want them cluttering the cutting table top all the time. I found these hooks at JoAnns and they worked great.




New Scrappy Project – Pineapple Crazy

This is a paper pieced project I’ve wanted to start for a while. I have a bin full of strings beginning to be used. Last night I printed off a copy of the pattern and started piecing. This is a design from Bonnie Hunter’s book String Fling and it caught my eye from the very beginning. It uses lots of teeny tiny pieces and strings. I forget how many of these blocks I need to make (over 100 I believe) but I’m not in a rush. This will be a fun project for nights when I don’t feel like working on anything else and just want something scrappy and fun to play with.

This is just the top of my string bin. Lots of variety to work with!

Picture of Bonnie’s finished Pineapple Crazy quilt from her book String Fling.

I think one block took me about an hour to do. Each one has 45 pieces of fabric in it.

Also on the design wall….

My tumbler quilt is being sewn into rows. I’m adding a bit to each end making it wider. I also have two more charm packs I may or may not use as a border. I’m thinking I might just cut them into tumblers and make it bigger so I don’t have to put a border on the quilt. If so, that’ll be more piecing. Not in a rush on this one though.


  1. Your sewing room is looking great! I love the pineapple block, I’m saving red and white fabrics to make it one day. (Haven’t even started my double wedding ring yet, get the picture? 🙂 The tumbler fabrics are adorable, it’ll be such a girly quilt!

    • I don’t pre-wash much of anything so I’m scared to do a red and white quilt! I love looking at them though.

  2. Katie,

    So why did you have to replace your Pegboard? I’m working on rearranging my quilting room and will be using some of my DH’s left over pegboard. I may paint them RED! I need somewhere to hang my Creative 2.0 Hoops and stabliizer. He is even sharing some hooks with me! Nice job I getting things done!! I need to get motivated!!

    • The green ones had some damaged areas around the corners and I was concerned that moving them would make it look worse. I may use the green ones in my garage for tool organization or something. I’m not in a hurry to take them down at the moment since that guest room isn’t really being utilized as Ringo’s game room yet.

      I think red would be a great color for pegboards!

  3. I love the pineapple blocks. How wide are your strips? How large is each block?

    • I believe my copy from the book measured 8.75″ square (that includes the seam allowance). The strips weren’t wider than 1″ I don’t think. I used large pieces so I didn’t run the risk of being short, especially on the side triangles. It was a fun block to do and not challenging.

    • Okay I compared my printout to the book and the book has the blocks at 5.5″ so my printer must have resized it. I printed out a normal version – small tiny pieces of fabric!! Eek.

  4. I saw some pineapple block fabric at a LQS. That stuff was something like $17.00 a yard and would serve as printed foundation papers that didn’t need to be removed. I can tell you, that fabric did NOT come home with me. Can’t imagine doubling the fabric cost of a quilt, A pineapple quilt, while awesomely beautiful, is not currently on my list which is quite long. I have a self-imposed moratorium on new projects that I have already broken twice this year. Yikes! That said, your pineapple block is fantastic and sounds like the perfect “in between” project.

    Stay safe during these storms. I keep hearing about the Florida area and East Coast being in the line of several yucky storms. My guest room ( it’s really a sewing room with a bed) is open to you any time.

  5. That pineapple block and quilt are gorgeous! It sounds like you’ve found your “slow quilt” like me and my Spiderweb. Trust me, you will alternate between loving your progress and kicking yourself you ever began, LOL.

    • Oh boy… usually when I get impatient with a project I cobble it together and say to heck with the finished pattern size. Hopefully I can be patient with this one. I’m thinking it’ll be nice to take to sew days and things.

  6. Chelsea says:

    Love the pineapple block! I haven’t tried paper piecing yet, but a pineapple quilt is on my bucket list. I am also insanely jealous of your new sewing studio! Might have to get some of those clips for my rulers and scissors. My son likes to hang my rulers on any nail in the basement he can reach, often as far away from where I need them as he can! That might help solve the dilemma of playing the “where’d he put that ruler?” game.

  7. Carolyn says:

    Oh I love the pineapple block. I like the scrappy look. I need to think like you and make it a fill in when you don’t want to work on anything else.. Also you have a lot of embroidery thread….envy…. Lol

  8. Congratulations! You get more done in a week than I do in a month of Sunday’s! I love reading about your quilting and other projects. Also, it’s so nice of you to share with pictures. I love pictures….and your dogs!
    Keep them coming…I’ll be waiting! Thanks. :o)