My First Furniture Refurb

This was an undertaking that I’m not sure I’ll ever do again. At least with the handles that I chose. I think it turned out nice but those handles were a pain in the you-know-what. I’ve never tried installing cabinet handles before and these didn’t come with a handy screw template so I had to kind of make my own. They look pretty good despite my difficulties. I had to even trim the screws to custom lengths for the top drawer since the ones packed with the handles weren’t long enough.  Imagine me with a hacksaw and needle nose pliers cursing away at a poor tiny screw.

This was my childhood dresser that my parents bought me when I was a little girl. It also has a mirror but I took that off.  This was a project I intended to do four years ago when we first moved into our house. Took me long enough!


I removed the knobs and primed the surface.


The paint color I chose was called “lemon”. I don’t know why but I really love yellow furniture. I thought it would coordinate well with the teal green wall paint in my sewing room.  My pegboards are also painted in the came color.  It’s very cheerful!


Two coats of paint, some touchup spackle (my hacksaw cut into the drawer while I was trying to trim screws) and more touchup paint, lots of cursing and successful handle placement later we have a great finished dresser that will now be my TV stand!




That bookshelf has been moved out so the dresser can dominate the entire corner and be admired. I’m not sure what sorts of goodies I’ll be storing in the drawers – who knows! All that’s left are my pegboards to put up on my wall and I’ll be done with my big move.


  1. It looks wonderful, pretty colour too. I know it was hard work but you kept at it and the end result speaks for itself. Really Katie, is there anything you can’t do?

  2. Great job Katie!

  3. It looks great Katie!

  4. Nelly Kelly says:

    It looks fantastic… I love the lemon yellow! So bright and cheerful, but still elegant, y’know? I’m a long time follower/listener, but I’m commenting for the first time, so forgive me bundling in a few things altogether here, ok? I’ve been meaning to tell you how much I LOVED watching you unpack your grab-bag fabrics!! It was so much fun! Please do it again next time you order one!?! Also, I adore the new blog design- it’s happy, sleek, and easy-to-navigate. Great job! And finally (although I could certainly go on and on), I love the new sewing room. It’s been awfully inspiring around Katie’s Quilting Corner recently! I know you haven’t even moved the pegboards over yet, but I just love them. They are on my to-do list, and the clippy hanging fabric organizers (sorry, the name escapes me) are on my wish list. Oh, and two more things-congrats on your first pattern for sale, I’m planning to make a purchase later today! And then I’m heading over to the Quilt Bear to join the Aurifil thread club! It’s a KQC-themed day!

  5. This looks marvelous! Congratulations! Good job! I love it….and I’m sure you will too, for many years to come! :o)

  6. Looks great Katie!
    Loving the yellow and a great paint job at that. Any project like this that I have started, about half way through I am like what was I thinking! So fresh and modern.

  7. I really like how the yellow looks. At first, I wasn’t sure, but the finished product definitely proves your good judgment.

  8. Great job Katie, yellow is not my colour but I’d love to be able to transform a piece of furniture like this (black or deep red maybe?). I’m thinking of asking my Dad to make me a drop in sewing table so maybe then I’ll get to paint.


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