New hair, fabric, quilt basting and Bernie

The last few weeks I’ve had quilters ADD pretty bad. I have lots of WIP (works in progress), lots of pretty fabric surrounding me and a few deadlines looming but I just can’t focus on one thing easily! I blame Summer. Last night I made myself piece a quilt back for my Origins pinwheel quilt so I could get it basted and ready for quilting.

Piecing quilt backs is probably my least favorite thing about quilting. I wanted to use up as much of this Origins fabric as possible though so I used up the leftover yardage I had and ended up with just enough for the back of this quilt. Love my Kwikclip! It makes pin basting so easy.

New stash this week are some Riley Blake fabrics (small gingham fat quarter bundles and two geeky cosmetic bag kits with fun geeky fabric cuts) and some Cloud 9 fabrics that just arrived in JoAnns. I love the herringbone! Thank you Kara for feeding my fabric addiction. Those cosmetic bag kits have small cuts of the geekly chic fabric. I don’t know if I’ll make the bags themselves or just use the fabric for other stuff.  I love the geekly chic fabric so much!

I’m blonde again! It’s the first time in 5 or 6 years that I’m not a dark hair color. It’s taking some time to get used to seeing it in the mirror.

My string and crumb bin just keeps getting more and more fabric in it. I’m still working on pineapple crazy blocks but I swear it’s like the crumbs multiply faster than I can use them! I found a bin filled with crumbs last night that I haven’t even touched yet. Pretty sure I have more than enough for 224 pineapple blocks.

And now some corgi stuff!

Bernie was being really sweet last night enjoying some cuddle time before we went to sleep.


  1. Adorable doggies! I love your hair.

    The pinwheel quilt turned out GREAT!

  2. Love the new hair.

  3. I had to stop by and comment even though I am trying to limit my computer time, because I love your hair and I had to tell you. It is such a lovely, flattering look for you! Soft and light! I hope you like it. 🙂

  4. Hi Katie,

    I love your new haircut and color!! Two thumbs up. I love the videos of your dogs. They are so cute. Good job on your pinwheel quilt. It is really pretty. Can’t wait to see how you quilt it.

  5. Jennifer says:

    Cute hair! Color is perfect for you!

    I don’t like piecing quilt backs either. The 108″ wide fabrics are expensive… but probably worth it to save the aggro.

  6. The hair looks really good because it looks natural with subtle color variations. It looks blonde–not yellow. Plus your fair skin makes it totally believable.

  7. I love the hair. It goes with how I picture you from your voice!

  8. I recently discovered your podcasts and enjoy listening to them. The Origins pinwheel quilt and your new haircut both look great. Your corgis are adorable. 🙂

  9. I really love that quilt, and the border you added. Beautiful.

  10. I started some little pineapple blocks a couple years ago with bright scraps, mostly Amy Butler, and the girlfriends line, with a black background. I made a few and put it aside. I should get back to that project at some point. So many irons in the fire!

  11. Awwww, love the new hair and the corgi babies 🙂 Thanks for the grin! I’m very behind and just catching up but your Origins quilt looks fantastic!

  12. You must use some incredible linen spray to excite Byron that much. Love the new hairdo. It is very flattering.

  13. I just found your website and have enjoyed looking at your quilts and reading your articles AND of course the CORGIS!! Being a mom to 1 red-headed tri (Bronwyn) I adore corgis! Over my lifetime I’ve been owned by 2 Pembroke tris, a Pem sable and 1 blue merle cardi. All girls except the sable, my Drewie-dog. Thank you for including the corgs, they are just darling! I would love to be able to have another blue merle cardi. They are just so gorgeous! Thanks and I’ll be back to watch your ‘kids’ and read all your articles.