Another New Project – Quiltsmart Lonestar


Aren’t these fabrics just yummy?

The last few days I haven’t felt inclined to really work on anything in particular. My deadline stuff is mostly taken care of. I thought about a project I’ve been wanting to start for a while and dug out all my materials for it. This is the Quiltsmart Lonestar kit. I pulled out some jelly roll strips I had from the Summer House by Lily Ashbury line.  I had a partial jelly roll unused from a class I took a while back and a full unopened jelly roll. I needed 8 strips to create six different color sets for the lone star… so 48 strips total for the star itself.

First you have to cut lots of rectangles. Then you can start fusing and sewing!

Quiltsmart lonestar

A terribly blurry picture of my progress:

Quiltsmart lonestar

It feels good to work on some fabric I’ve been holding onto for a while! I love Lily Ashbury’s prints a lot, I think she’s my favorite fabric designer. She uses all my favorite colors and the patterns in her fabric are beautiful.

Quiltsmart lone star

I’ve got two of the eight sections done so far. I need to buy some background fabric for it when I go to the quilt shop tomorrow.

Quiltsmart lone star

Quiltsmart lone star

Tons of little bonus triangles leftover too! These will work perfectly in my Pineapple crazy blocks.

Quiltsmart lone star

Byron watched me sew while Ringo watched Doctor Who last night.


  1. I love the fabric!

    That dead eye stare. LOL!

  2. Those are great colors for your project. Love it. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Carole Wool says:

    Katie, this is going to be great! I’m enjoying your updates very much!

  4. Did the pre-printed fusible stabilizer come with your kit? I’d love me some of those! Your lonestar is coming along great, Katie! Can I just give a squeeze hug to Byron? Please? :)))

  5. P.S. please tell Ringo I’m still in love with your new background! 😉

  6. Isn’t the Quiltsmart Lonestar the best? I’ve made at least 4 of them already! In fact I think I have 1 more set of the interfacing sitting here…I’ll have to think about what fabrics to use!

  7. I’m getting too lazy and tired to quilt but with the constant eye candy you produce, I can live vicariously through you! Thanks, it’s saving me a lot of time and money, ha ha. Seriously, you are massively talented!!

  8. Byron and Ringo look so comfy together,

  9. That is going to be one gorgeous lonestar! Byron…give him a smooch from me 🙂