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WIP Wednesday – Lone Star Progress

I've made massive progress on my lone star and the top is nearly done! All I've got left is the 4" border and it'll be ready for quilting. Still not sure if I'll have time … [Read more...]

Another Southern Fabric $20 Gift Card Giveaway!

Another great giveaway from Southern Fabric! a Rafflecopter giveaway Some new fabrics and sale fabrics currently in the shop: Great patterns! Good luck! Remember - … [Read more...]

Rethinking Fabric Storage

My new sewing area is still a work in progress and my biggest problem is how to best store ¬†and ¬†organize my fabric. Most of my fabric cuts are 1 yard or smaller. Previously I'd begun using … [Read more...]

70 – Making of Corgi Fairytale, Sewing Space update, Fear of Failure

Everything you wanted to know about my Corgi Fairytale quilt and more Print your social media photos quick and easy! Sewing space update The Fear of Failure and how it plays into … [Read more...]

Is the fear of failure holding you back?

"I could never do that." - Overheard at many a quilt show I know a lot of quilters that are perfectionists. I'm sure you know a few too; they're the ones that point out 10 mistakes the … [Read more...]

Corgi Fairytale – Pattern now available!

I'm so excited this quilt received such wonderful reception from everyone! I've spent the last few days creating the pattern for it and it's now available for purchase via Craftsy. Corgi … [Read more...]

The Making of Corgi Fairytale

I wanted to share the progress photos that I took during the making of Corgi Fairytale. It's kind of weird doing this backwards - normally I've already blogged the progress of a quilt but … [Read more...]

Finished – Corgi Fairytale Quilt

Update: Pattern now available for purchase and instant download! After lamenting on my last podcast about not feeling like I knew where I fit in quilting this quilt came to be. I designed … [Read more...]

Techie Tidbit Thursday – Print your Instagram Photos Cheap

Lots of quilters are on Instagram and use it heavily but have you ever wanted to print some of your photos and thought it was too expensive to do so? A new free app makes it easy to print … [Read more...]

Sew Day Fun and a Patchwork Footstool

I promised photos from my sew day with Ann from A Girl in Paradise and here they are! I didn't take very many because we were busy chatting and sewing most of the afternoon. You can see some … [Read more...]