70 – Making of Corgi Fairytale, Sewing Space update, Fear of Failure





  1. Emily Hinkel says:

    Your Corgi Fairytale quilt is WONDERFUL. I heard your podcast about it but you did not do it justice!
    It is truly amazing! Thank you for sharing it and for your delightful podcast.

  2. I love glass fronted/barrister bookcases, but am afraid that putting fabric in them could lead to fading from the sun’s rays coming through the glass.

    My fear of failure looked at the Sew South Expo and shrieked, “But there are bags and FMQ and you don’t know how to do either!” I would love to be your roommate, but am not sure this could happen.

    My fear of failure went into hyper drive looking a your wonderful Corgi quilt. Mom has two corgis and I should try the pattern, even if someone else quilts it, but not ready to take the step…today.

    All the best.

    • I’m not great with bags either so I understand your trepidation there! They have the instructors there in person to help when you get stuck though. And if you don’t want to participate in a class you can work on something else, it’s your free time to sew when you want.

  3. What a wonderful quilt—love it!

  4. Your corgi quilt sounds great but I’m concerned that if you found the images on Google Images, then you may be violating other people’s copyright unless you have credited the original designers and obtained their written consent to exhibit the quilt and to sell patterns based on their images.

    • I use free vector images that don’t have copyright or protection. I’ll be discussing the issue of copyright and quilt patterns on the next podcast as well. It’s kind of a murky place to venture since quilts are considered “useful articles” and sometimes don’t fall under copyright protection. Each country is also a bit different in the way they handle quilt design and copyright. I’ve filed my pattern with the US Copyright office so that I’ll be protected.

  5. Hi Katie. I’m an avid listener of your podcast but I don’t always check the blog, but I made a point of coming over to check out your corgi quilt and wanted to be sure to comment and let you know how stunning it is. The bright colours are so fun and the quilting you did in the white space is amazing. I am definitely going to be checking out your video tutorial.