Birthday Gifts!

My birthday isn’t till the end of the month but they’re already showing up in the mail! It’s so much fun to get quilty packages. Had to share these with you!

First one is from Mary Jo and Matthew of The Quilt Bear! They were so sweet to send me a gift. I love it so much! I really do think I squealed when I opened it.

Birthday Quilty gifts

Birthday Quilty gifts

Birthday Quilty gifts

It’s so perfect! Owls, Aurifil thread, Moda Petit Fours and a great little storage box for fat quarters. I’m a sucker for storage boxes and this one will be perfect for sew days! Thanks so much Mary Jo you are so thoughtful.

My mom and dad bought me some great fabrics from Sew Me a Song on Etsy. I love these 1/2 yard collections!

Birthday Quilty gifts

Riley Blake Geekly Chic Bundle

Birthday Quilty gifts

Letter Writing for Sewists Bundle

I also finished my latest Midi Bag using Riley Blake Roley Poley strips. (This bag was hard to photograph).
Birthday Quilty gifts

Birthday Quilty gifts

Birthday Quilty gifts

I like how it turned out. Enjoyed doing the grommets again. I think they add just a great touch to it.

Haven’t been sewing much this week. Took a few days off of work so Ringo and I have been spending some quality computer gaming time together! It’s like fun and couples therapy in one since you have to cooperate and work together to get quests done. I’ll be doing some sewing and quilting tomorrow.


  1. Mary Jo and Matthew are so thoughtful! How great that you are having a birthday extravaganza

  2. Barbara Vickery says:

    Wow! Mary Jo and Matthew were so thoughtful. I love the storage boxes!
    Happy EARLY 30th birthday Katie. Your Dad and I know it’s not officially until the 30th but we ordered early to make sure we got you something on your “wanted list” before someone else snatched it up.

  3. So glad you like them! I have had those storage boxes since February just waiting to send you for your birthday! I saw them and thought of you immediately! Do enjoy them and your birthday! Much love!

  4. Chelsea says:

    How sweet of them to get you such a great gift! I love the Midi bag with the chevrons! I’m still really intimidated by bags.

  5. Your Midi bags with the grommets look so pretty and professional. Could you share how to add grommets?
    Happy Early Birthday!

  6. Barbara Vickery says:

    Is there a mini-Mondo bag?

  7. So basically you turn 30 on the 30th?

  8. Wow! That’s quite a good haul 🙂 Love the box with the owls!!! Happy early birthday friend 🙂

  9. Great, great birthday gift and very thoughtful friends! The midi bag is adorable.

  10. Betty Rhoads says:

    I share your sentiment about MaryJo and Mathew at the quilt bear. I sent her an email last week about the little extra packages that they include with my orders. I have hated mints since I was a little girl….I cannot seem to stop myself from eating those little mint candies that come with the packages. They seem to melt in your mouth and I can’t help myself until they are gone. I think that they truly do pray over every package sent or I would not be eating those wonderful mints.

  11. Wonderful presents and I do love your bag. Happy Birthday!