Finished – Corgi Fairytale Quilt

Update: Pattern now available for purchase and instant download!

After lamenting on my last podcast about not feeling like I knew where I fit in quilting this quilt came to be. I designed it on Monday afternoon (July 8th) on a post-it note, came home that night and got to work.  My local modern quilt guild had a negative space challenge and originally I hadn’t intended on entering anything. Then this design popped into my head. I had to do it. Cut the applique pieces on Monday and basted the quilt sandwich, Tuesday night I started the quilting and zig-zag around all the applique edges, Wednesday was more quilting, Thursday was labeling and binding and tonight (Friday) It might not have been done in a day Eleanor Burns but a quilt done in a week isn’t too bad right?

Corgi Fairytale Quilt

Did you know the Pembroke Welsh Corgi has a Welsh legend surrounding it’s origins? It’s kind of a cute story.

Legend has it that the Welsh Corgi is the “enchanted” dog of the Fay.  They were used by fairies and elves to pull their coaches or to serve as the steeds for their warriors. At night, the Welsh Corgi would sneak away to the hills of Wales to play with the magical little people. It’s said that those who have an understanding heart and a sharp eye can see the faint fairy saddle on the back of a Welsh Corgi and the harness marks on their shoulders.

The Design

This quilt is my homage to the corgi legend. I traced the outline of the corgi onto the background fabric with a water soluble marker and cut pieces to fit inside the outline. Each piece was cut to fit and I created the rainbow as I went. The fairy itself was traced onto fusible web and I decided it would be one color – one of my favorite Kona gray fabrics.

Corgi Fairytale Quilt
The Quilting
There are a few firsts for me with this quilt. I used two layers of Warm and Natural batting. I wanted the extra texture and didn’t want to have to cut my batting in half after unrolling it off the big roll. I’ve never tried quilting a quilt with two layers of batting and wasn’t sure how my machine would like it. It didn’t seem overly thick though after basting it. I pin basted the quilt (I much prefer this over spray basting, gives me more control) and used a white tone-on-tone for the backing.

Corgi Fairytale Quilt

The entire quilt is quilted using 50wt Aurifil Mako cotton thread. I used approximately 14 full bobbins by the time I was done. I need a new large cone after working on this quilt! The design is my version of “McTavishing” done on my Pfaff Creative 2.0 domestic sewing machine. My tension was set to 3.0, feed dogs dropped, spring free motion mode on.  Having a large quilting surface on my Arrow Bertha cabinet definitely made a difference.

Corgi Fairytale Quilt

It was my first time doing McTavishing as an all-over quilting design. I did my version in larger scale than what I’d seen before. I wanted lots of movement and texture on the quilt. I wanted the background to be as beautiful as the color gradation on the corgi. I didn’t want the quilting so tight and dense it would make it super stiff or take forever to quilt so I spread out my mctavishing “hairs”.

Corgi Fairytale Quilt

My practice sample was awful. I didn’t like how it looked at all and thought to heck with it, I’m going to try it on the real thing and see how it goes. I think the two layers of batting helped it a lot. Once I got into the repetitive motion and building the pattern I loved it. I can totally see using this for many, many quilts.  It’s a very different design for me to do, totally different than meandering. Controlling my speed was key for this design. I worked hard to keep my stitches as even as possible but it’s not perfect. The white thread on a white background is very forgiving though and many mistakes are hidden in the quilt.

Corgi Fairytale Quilt

I don’t use gloves, hoops or anything grippy. Just my clean hands moving the quilt sandwich around. I broke one needle during the quilting and one during the binding. The binding is a bit of a rainbow batik that I had left sitting in my closet. I don’t have many rainbow fabrics but I need to add more since I seem to use them a lot.

Corgi Fairytale Quilt

Corgi Fairytale Quilt

Corgi Fairytale Quilt

Corgi Fairytale Quilt

Corgi Fairytale Quilt

Corgi Fairytale Quilt

This quilt screams me. I’m proud to have my name on it.

Read details on how the quilt was made here


  1. Barbara Vickery says:

    It’s beautiful Katie! This quilt very clearly displays your love for your corgis: Bernice (Bernie), Basil and Byron.

  2. Katie, Katie, Katie, your quilt is cute, cute, cute! It IS you!! Great job from start to finish! Enjoy it!

  3. Mary Ann says:

    Katie it’s a wonderful quilt and a great job on the quilting. Way to go! Mary Ann

  4. Bethany says:

    Katie, this is beautiful! I LOVE the quilting, I have to try it! So, so nice!

  5. Carol McD says:

    I just love it when a an comes together 🙂
    Well done

  6. Katie, this quilt is amazing! You did a wonderful job on it! So creative!

  7. This is truly wonderful! Beautiful design beautifully executed. Definitely an heirloom!

  8. NellyKelly says:

    Katie, this is stunningly beautiful… And it does scream “Katie!”, you’re right! Every step of the way it is all about who you are, and I can’t remember when I’ve been so inspired. Especially after relating so much to your concerns about where you fit…. If you hadn’t allowed yourself to experiment in so many areas of quilting you could not have created this. I love watching and hearing your honesty about your struggles and successes. And look what happens when you clear the mental decks by putting your worries out into the world. Thank you so much for sharing. I hope you are as proud of this as you should be-its beautiful on so many levels!

    • Your comment made me smile so, so big! I feel this quilt was so cleansing to make after struggling for several months over where I fit. I’m glad it can bring joy to other people too since it makes me smile just looking at it.

  9. Wow! Absolutely stunning! Thanks for sharing, Katie.

  10. Kathy S says:

    Great job! A very inspirational design!

  11. Just stunning!

  12. EngrSandi says:

    This is simply stunning. Beautiful design and so well executed! Definitely something to be proud of.

  13. This quilt is awesome. I love the story of the Corgi, and the placement and coloring of the applique is so well balanced and perfectly proportioned for this quilt. And I can’t believe that you did this on a domestic machine! The quilting is gorgeous. It’s a wonderful joyful quilt. You are an inspiration to average quilters like me!

    • I’m hoping I can do a video tutorial on how I did the quilting on my machine. Glad I can inspire you to try new things! You never know what your creative brain will come up with.

  14. I love it! Where will you hang it? Definately you should enter it in a show.

    • I submitted it just now for consideration in the AQS Modern Quilt Challenge – who knows if it’ll be accepted but it’s worth a shot right? I’m not really a “show quilter” but I think this one is kinda special and I’m proud of my binding on it too.

  15. Nicely done Katie!

  16. You have every right to be proud, Katie! This is an amazing quilt! And,what a fabulous job you did on the McTavishing – so glad you decided to just go for it and not give up after not liking your practice piece. All I can say is “Wow”!

  17. Colette in Seattle says:

    I tried to think of one word to describe your quilt….here’s how I did…..
    The list just went on… Congratulations!

  18. I love your quilt!

  19. By George, I think she’s got it.
    Absolutely, this is you and oh so beautiful.

  20. Arlette in NY says:

    AMAZING quilt! Very impressive.

  21. Velveteena says:

    Oh Katie!! Love those Corgi’s. Doing it in a rainbow color and the fairy in grey–Wow!! Thanks for sharing makes me smile!! Nice job!

  22. Wow…I absolutely love your quilt! You are an artist. Your quilt is especially meaningful to me because I’m a fellow corgi lover. This quilt makes me smile. BTW, I’m amazed you did this in just a week.

  23. Jenny Faasavalu says:

    Katie, I love it! It is gorgeous. You have found your niche in quilting! Although, you should not limit yourself. You can do anything! 🙂

  24. Corgi Love! This quilt is fantastic!

  25. How cute is this! Too darn cute I say. Would love to see a tute on the free motion work you have done. I love the free flowing movement of it visually – not all exactly the same and that is what is so good about it. Love the patchwork Corgi. Did you applique the pieces? What finish – raw edge or other?

    • The edges are just zigzagged on the ticker tape pieces. I pasted them down just using a glue stick and moved them around until I liked where they were. I’m probably going to do a “behind the scenes” for this quilt since I documented it’s progress on my iPhone as it was being made. 🙂

  26. Katie, I have been listening To your podcasts since day one. I have never commented as I have computer challenges and never seem to get things posted. This quilt is a testament to how you have grown in your skills and creativity. It is beautiful. I am over twice your age and no where near your succes level. Love your podcasts and hearing you and your mom. Stand proud you are doing a great job.

  27. Your Corgi caught my eye, your story piqued my interest, and your quilting took my breath away. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

  28. Gorgeous! And not just because there’s a Corgi on it. 😉

  29. Absolutely AMAZING!

  30. Absolutely gorgeous. I don’t often like modern, but this one I adore. Great job! It’s a winner before you ever enter it anywhere.

  31. Katie, I am so proud of you! Which is daft because we are not related , we have never met and we live on opposite sides of the world…it’s just that despite your doubts about where you fit into the quilting world you still go with your natural born desire to try something new and pushing yourself a bit further with each technique. This is just so beautiful and the joy in the Corgi playing with his little fairy friend just leaps off the quilt. I think there is a wee bit of magic involved , you must have had the Faerie Folk watching over your shoulder as you sewed.

  32. This is an AMAZING quilt. I have been piecing and straight line quilting for years and in the past month I have started my adventure into FMQ. You and this quilt are what I aspire to become and create!

  33. Betty Rhoads says:

    It is simply awesome!!

  34. I adore this quilt and your quilting is beautiful. I own a Westie and it reminded me of my dog when he jumps up. Thanks for sharing

  35. Wow, just amazing. Are you sending it to the new Royal? 😉

    • Hehe I think they’re into King Charles Spaniels though right? I’d be so tickled if The Queen was amused by my quilt though.

  36. Mary Jo in CA says:

    So beautiful. I love the quilting and would love a tutorial on how to do it. I’ve been quilting and sewing for several years but never tried a modern quilt. It might be in my future. Keep up the beautiful work! I love the dog stories and pictures too.

    • I’m hoping I can get a pattern/tutorial done for it for sale on Craftsy in the next few months. I’m kind of surprised how popular it’s been but very happy with the response!

  37. Stefanie says:

    Will I find this for sale on Etsy? 🙂

    • Hehe no – this one is a keeper. I’m hoping AQS will accept it in their Modern Quilt Challenge so others can see it in person in their traveling show.

  38. Just LOVE this quilt! Love corgis, love modern quilts! Fabulous!

  39. Simply, breathtakingly beautiful.

  40. Goodness, Katie…This quilt is wonderful! I, too, have a Pembroke (named Taggart, aka “Tag”) and would love to create a quilt like this. Are you going to do a pattern to share? (Perhaps one you would sell through Craftsy?) I know it would be wildly popular, and I’d be first in line to make a purchase.

    Congratulations on such a stunning piece of work. It’s truly inspirational.

  41. Jan in SoDak says:

    Amazing quilt – you outdid yourself! Thanks for sharing and inspiring!

  42. I love this quilt–the corgi and fairy, the colors, the quilting! Beautiful job in every way!

  43. Absolutely gorgeous!

  44. Wow, it IS beutiful, Katie! Your photos bring out the texture really well! Guess I’ll need to try out McTavishing because I relly like the look. Thnks for sharing!

    • Ahh, the beauty of tablet typing! Sorry for the typos, can’t remove my comment to correct it since there’s no option in the feedly app…

  45. Jennifer says:

    I love this. I think I want to make one ASAP, though I’ll have to add a tail to not offend my Cardigan Boys!

  46. I found my way through Pinterest because I loved this quilt design so much. Your use of gradient in the corgi is perfect. Best of luck with your pattern on Craftsy and your submission to the AQS showcase!!

  47. This is amazing! Do you sell them?? I have a corgi and I just love this. I have no idea how to make something like this though.

  48. Linda Perkins says:

    Katie, I stumbled on your BLOG and love, love this quilt. Amazing work. I have never liked the negative space quilts until yours. Beautiful and I had never heard the corgi legend before. Thanks for posting this!!

  49. Dee Winter says:

    I saw your quilt in the AQS show in Des Moines! It is great, I loved it and hear several others comment on how much they liked it. At lunch the ladies were talking about it. And one of the show people was talking to me, asked me if I’d seen it, she thought it was a great quilt. Congratulations for on an awesome creation.

  50. Sweet! The only thing missing is a tail – I have a Cardigan!

  51. I am visiting from Donna of Brynwood Needleworks and love what I see. Your Corgi Fay quilt is stunning! Creative Stitching Bliss…

  52. This is absolutely spectacular. I love the Corgi and the quilting is wonderful. Modern quilts are intriguing to me, but I wouldn’t be able to do that much quilting. I love the bright rainbow, too. Thanks so much for sharing. (I got here through Quilting…for the Rest of Us.)


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