When It’s Okay to Let Go of those UFOs – AKA: Fun with Flowcharts

Jelly Roll Lone Star segment

I’ll be turning this into a wall hanging

Moving out of my old sewing space prompted me to take an inventory of my UFOs. I realized I had several UFOs that I’d lost interest in or I just wasn’t enjoying the process of making them anymore. One of those projects is from a Kimberly Einmo class I took over a year ago now. I enjoyed the class and learned a fun technique to make lone stars out of jelly roll strips. I had a box with a few finished block segments and 85% of a jelly roll waiting to be used up to make more.

I love the fabric line and I hated to just let it sit there in a box. I remembered back to my interview with Kimberly when we talked about UFOs and how sometimes you just have to chuck it when it’s not going how you want or you’re just not feeling it.

I think sometimes we get guilted into finishing projects we don’t love anymore just because we started them.

I find this often happens with me when I take a class. I love learning the technique but I don’t always want to finish the associated project with the class. With the Lonestar class I ended up doing Rainbow Insomnia from her book and enjoyed every minute of it!

So I thought why not make a flow chart to figure out if I should continue working on the UFO, repurpose it, rehome it or throw it in the scrap bin altogether.


If you’re also a flowchart junkie like me you should give Lucidchart a shot – it has a Google Drive plugin that’s very user friendly and it’s free.

If your UFO decision process is different what makes you decide to give it up and move on?


  1. You are one silly chick. Love the flowchart!

  2. This is great! I love your flow chart. You’re quite clever. I chuckled at the “can you convince a friend it’s awesome” because that’s often been my process. Or more precisely, which friend will like these hideous fabrics? Ha!
    The main reason I lose interest in a project is falling out of love with the fabrics. At least for my oldest UFOs. I do rotate projects to keep from getting bored, but my oldest ones need reevaluation.

  3. Laura C says:

    I really do love the flowchart. I think that is amazing and clever idea. I should my hubby and he loved it as well and made sense to him as to why I have UFO’s

  4. I love the flow chart! So far I don’t have any quilting UFOs just 2 WIPs. But I do have several knitting UFOs. I am telling myself no more than 3 quilting projects at a time and a fourth project is not an option!

  5. Chelsea says:

    You’re so clever! I love the flow chart and the thought process. My favorite bit is about Bonnie Hunter taking anonymous donations. Makes me laugh and appreciate people like her.

  6. Carolyn says:

    The flow chart is great.after all that thinking what did you do with the UFO’s? Fold them and put them in a box? Lol. Your podcasts and blog are always entertaining , thanks for sharing.