71 – Finishes galore, class prep, copyright, fabric storage


You can see my recent finishes here

Tropical Fish Quilt

copyrightCopyright Articles (good food for thought):

There are many, many traditional blocks that are now in the public domain, which means their copyright has expired. If a block was published before 1923 it is in the public domain and can be used freely. There are other specific rules, but 1923 is a good date to remember. Check Barbara Brackman’s book,“Encyclopedia of Pieced Quilt Patterns” or its companion software, Blockbase(through Electric Quilt), or “The Quilter’s Album of Patchwork Patterns” by Jinny Beyer for more information about original publication dates for specific blocks.

Excerpt via – Piecemeal Quilts

See my fabric storage solution here


  1. You have so many areas to gather inspiration for your quilts. All the photos that you have taken over the years of the corgis, photos taken while paddling down the Hillsborough River and all the nature shots that you have collected.

  2. Don’t forget to UPDATE your age on the “About Me” part of your page.

  3. Great bag Katie! Love the fabric choices and the execution is awesome! PS – since your mom mentioned it… your flickr profile has your old blog listed….

  4. Katie,
    enjoying your podcast. You’ve been having some productive time.

    I just wanted to add to your copyright thing two comments: you can use Creative Commons to record the copyright status for the things you are offering for free. You might want to check into it at creativecommons.org

    Also, when a quilt designer is putting out a new design and putting a copyright on it, it is not necessarily the design itself that is being copyright, especially if it is based on a classic design like a four patch. What they are actually copyrighting is their written instructions. That is what is unique and original to them.

    Glad you are back podcasting.