Fabric Storage and Organization Redux (+ a giveaway)

Whew – I feel like I need a vacation from my fabric! We’ve been rather intimate the past week as I’ve been sorting, purging, unfolding, folding and moving my stash from one closet to my new cabinet.  I love my new Prepac Storage Cabinet! It ended up being just the perfect thing for me. It went together in under an hour with Ringo helping me and this thing is sturdy and well made.

You can see my old fabric storage situation in this post. I was previously using the comic book board method.  It’s okay but it wasn’t working for my shelves since they are so tall in the storage cabinet. I needed something that could really utilize the vertical space. I also wanted to move away from having to fold and pin fabric to the boards. I ended up using the ruler folding method using my 6″ x 24″ ruler to fold all my fabric. It works even for fat quarters. I know it might be a bit of a pain trying to get to something in the middle of a stack but I’m willing to put up with that.

Fabric Organization

Fabric organization

Fabric Organization


The corgis were exhausted watching me fold all the fabric.

So on to the giveaway! I’ve been holding onto this little charm bundle of Mary Englebreit fabrics and some coordinating yardage and I think it’s time to go to a new home. The charm bundle has 100 charm squares in it of various prints. Really cute Mary Englebreit stuff you don’t see a lot of! Enter via rafflecopter.  I’m opening this up Internationally since I know I’ve got several international readers.


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  1. Michele Timms says:

    Just to let you know that your fabric storage unit is awesome!!! Thanks for having this amazing giveaway – I’ve never seen a charm pack that large before…wow! I hope the link to my tweet worked it is the first time I’ve done it using a mobile unit 🙂

  2. Diane Rincon says:

    Your sewing area is really developing nicely. That is a great fabric storage area.

  3. That look like a ton of work. I kn ow it will pay off in huge dividends in terms of future time savings. Also, it looks so wonderful.

  4. You’ve done a fantastic job on your stash. The new cupboard looks great. I’ m still building my stash so don’t yet need so much storage…..but no doubt that will change!

  5. I love the idea of using an old filing cabinet to file your fabric! I originally saw this idea on Sew Many Ways , but have since seen it several more times on Pinterest . The idea is simple: Fold your yardage and lay it over filing folders inside the cabinet. This method keeps your fabric protected from dust, etc. while still making it very easy to see exactly what you have and be able to take it out to use (no stacking huge piles to dig through later!).

  6. looks very neat and tidy. I have plastic storage boxes with my fabric in them sorted colours.

  7. Wow what hard work you have been up to. That cabinet looks awesome though. I love that it has doors on it.

  8. I follow you via email. I prefer to read it NOW instead of dealing with facebook, but I did “like” you on facebook today.. At least I won’t miss a post! Love your fabric cabinet…I’d LOVE LOVE LOVE one like it!!!

    • It’s fantastic and so roomy! I looked at the Ikea cabinet sizes and would have to get two or three with doors at triple the cost of one of these. Plus this one was super easy to put together compared to ikea stuff.

  9. WOW, it’s so pretty! I am still in shock (even though I knew it already) how few fabrics you have… But they sure look good in their new place.

    • I know… compared to a lot of quilters my stash is very small. I have room to stick all my precuts into the cabinet if I decide to move them off my bookshelf too. I’ve really tried to focus more on buying specifically for a project rather than just stashing but occasionally I can’t help myself. I still can’t believe I’m destashing 32 lbs of low-quality JoAnn fabric stuff on Ebay. It feels so good to get that out of the house!

  10. Wowzer! What a stash and great cabinet. It’s so much fun to play with fabric!

  11. Love your organizing skills! I once read a tip to use cardboard dividers occasionally to help lift the piles making it easier to get to the stash in the middle. Now I’m thinking a wooden paddle that could be hung nearby and stuck into the pile like a pizza board into an oven might work to lift the upper portions from what you want to get at..

    • Now that can solve my problem! I have been folding this way, but trying to get things in and out of the middle of the stack just messed up the whole stack! Cardboard dividers are a good idea! I am going to do that! Thanks for the mention!

  12. I’m going to check out that cabinet. It could be very useful for my wools!

  13. Here is what I do to get a fabric in the middle of a stack: Slide your acrylic ruler under the piece of fabric you want, as you pull it out push all the fabrics that are above it. I can easily get the fabric I want without disrupting the whole pile. I hope I have made myself clear?

  14. Love looking at those stacks of colors!!!

  15. Katie, do you mind if I share your blog post here on my blog?


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