Google Hangout – Labor Day Sew In

Starting at 3PM EST or thereabouts some quilters on Twitter (“twilters”) will be joining me for a Google Hangout. Feel free to tweet your questions to me @quiltedmagnolia and join in the conversation! If you’ve ┬ámissed the live portion you will be able to watch the recorded session here.


  1. I wanted to let “you all know” that it was so fun to see u ladies all enjoying yourselves via “hangouts”…I would love to try that sometime with some of my art pals.

    Thank you for “all that you share” I very much enjoy your posts, quilts, doggies, etc.

  2. Each of you in the hangout looked as though you were really having a great time. You all looked so productive.

    I spent the day in my sewing room but I did not have the computer on. I made six pillow cases for the Million Pillow Case Chanllenge, a monthly challenge through one of the quilt shops here. I also did a lot of organizing of my fabrc drawers.