Machine Embroidered Bibs

So that thing that husbands do sometimes happened this past weekend to me. “Hey hon, we got invited to a baby shower next Saturday. Are you free?” Well… yes but now I gotta scramble and make a gift. I don’t like showing up with the same store-bought crap everyone else has, I might as well give them a gift card (sometimes we do both). Back to my old standby – the machine embroidered bib! I like these for baby gifts because they don’t grow out of them super fast, they’re extremely useful and everyone needs them. Here is the free bib template that I use. I will also link where I got all the embroidery designs below each one.

My gnome had to stand in as the baby model since I don’t have any babies handy.

Bibs machine embroidered

Back of “dressed” bib

Bibs machine embroidered

Design by Krissy Vehrs

Bibs machine embroidered

Design by Krissy Vehrs

Bibs machine embroidered

Back of “damn cheeks” bib

And the thread aftermath…

Bibs machine embroidered


  1. So I have to ask, did you make those all for one gift ??

    • It’s 4 bibs – I was going to do a 5th with the baby name on it but Ringo told me 4 was enough. Two of these show the backs since they’re reversible. I was going to quilt a panel and do some other stuff too but just didn’t have time!

  2. Those are so cute! I especially like the “Pinch” one.

  3. Sandi Colwell says:

    They are all super cute!

  4. Very cute!! My fave is the “these fools…” LOL

  5. Really cute ideas!!!

  6. What a great idea! I work in a large medical office where “everyone” is pregnant at some time or another, and making baby quilts is just too impractical for all of them, but a bib is a terrific idea. Thanks for sharing the links too.
    Love it!

  7. When I saw the writing pinch your own dmn cheek I didn’t get it. But now I saw it on the bib and it’s hilarious! What did the Mother-to-be say?

  8. I meant when I saw it for the first time you posted.