Sashiko and Keyfobs

With hubby off work this week I haven’t been able to do much quilting or sewing after work.  I have been dabbling here and there in various things though.





I’ve been wanting to try my hand at sashiko for a while. My first attempt wasn’t that good since the chalk markings I spent a good amount of time putting on fabric rubbed right off… so I decided to take the easy route and purchase pre-printed sashiko fabric panels that have the stitch markings on them. MUCH better! I also ordered thread and sashiko needles. Sashiko in Japanese means “little stabs” and is a form of quilting that they’ve used throughout the years. I’m just doing stitching right now but eventually want to sandwich a piece and try quilting it. I really enjoy the handwork so far. This may be my new travel project.  I purchased my materials from and I’ve been pleased with the quality.


My thread painted coneflowers need some more work but I made a lot of progress last Saturday.


I’m working on a basket to help raise money for Corgi Aid at the Florida Corgi Picnic so I’m making some corgi items for them to auction and raffle off. Keyfobs were my first thought for the basket and these were fun to make.


  1. Those corgi key fobs are really adorable, I love the flower shape!
    I didn’t know you’re supposed to do the sashiko in rows like that it looks really cool! Is there a specific type of thread you have to use for it or you’re using embroidery thread?
    I love those cone flowers, they’re so pretty!

  2. The key fobs are darling! Don’t know how you make them, but I am sure they will be a hit. A photo tute would be fun to look at. Also the shashiko looks like fun. Thank you for showing this. I think I will have a look and try one. Your posts are always interesting and I enjoy them all. Cheers. Lauren

  3. Sandi Colwell says:

    I have the same Sashiko project going! So fun! Love the key fobs.

  4. love it! i’ve been wanting to try some sashiko. i’m wondering…do you use an embroidery hoop?

  5. I love, love, love Sashiko! Great find with the pre-printed panels…I will be purchasing those for sure. Your stitching is done very well. (I looked at the Babylock Sashiko machine at the expo show – very nice, but a bit pricey for an ancillary machine).

  6. The corgi key fobs are super cute!! My sister-in-law would go nuts over them, she has a 2 year old corgi named Scooter. You helped inspired my xmas gift to her, corgi appliqued pillows! Love the coneflower, it’s so bright and cheerful. The sashiko looks relaxing! I might have to look into it, I love hand work!!

  7. Love your coneflowers, you did a really great job!

  8. Charlene Ellis says:

    Very tatented!! Luv the fobs!!!