75 – Pfaff Powerquilter 16.0 “Anne”, More Teaching and Interviews

  • Meet Anne! I talk all about my purchasing decision and what I love about my new Pfaff Powerquilter.
  • A little bit about the classes I’ve been teaching
  • I did an interview with Stephanie from Modern Sewciety!
  • More “Ask anything” questions answered and what I’ve been up to

Modern Sewciety Interview


  1. Thanks for taking us through your journey as a teacher; I get a kick hearing you talk about it.

    You mentioned being a 3pm to 9pm sewer; more power to you! I try to sew for about an hour in the AM before I leave for work since I’m too tired when I get home. Weekend mornings are my very favorite time to sew, with the morning light coming in. I dragged at our last retreat when some of the other quilters were revving up.

    All the best.

  2. Hi Katie,
    I realize that this post in ancient, but as a librarian, I thought I should keep the topics organized on your blog in case it came up later. 😉 I listened to the first episode of the Modern Sewciety podcast recently after seeking some new podcast to which to listen. I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed listening to your interview with Stephanie. You sounded very smart and were so poised!

    I was confused by the podcast, though. There is really no introductory information on the Modern Sewciety blog or that I heard on the podcast and I wondered if you knew if she did an intro episode telling more about why she podcasts, why she started, her sewing background, etc? Don’t worry, I have left a comment on her site as well.

    Good job! Take care.