Tutorial – Printing Directly Onto Fusible Web

Tutorial - printing onto fusible web for machine appliqueI love machine applique but one of the things that I hate doing is tracing designs. They can be really time consuming to do especially if they are very intricate patterns you need to trace. The good news is there is a way to print onto fusible web using your ink-jet printer and it’s not very difficult to do.

Supplies and Tools Needed:

  1. Your applique template, preferably sized to fit on a regular letter size sheet of paper. Download the Tinkerbell Star design here for free!
  2. One sheet of letter-size cardstock or medium weight paper
  3. Gluestick, lightweight spray adhesive or scotch tape
  4. Lightweight Fusible web – I used Heat and Bond Lite
  5. Scissors (paper scissors and serrated applique scissors – I recommend Karen Kay Buckley’s perfect scissors for trimming applique fabric designs)
  7. Iron
  8. Fabric to iron your applique shapes onto (I used this lovely Benartex fabric)
  9. Background fabric

Important note: If you are doing letters or designs that need to be reversed prior to being printed please do a test print first to make sure it’s going to come out correctly.

Gather your materials. We are going to prep the sheet of fusible web so it can go through the printer first. I buy my fusible web by the roll since I use a lot of it so I end up trimming it down when I use this method but that’s okay.
Printing Directly on Fusible Web Tutorial

Trim your fusible web until it’s the same size as your cardstock or medium-weight letter size paper.
Printing Directly on Fusible Web Tutorial

Get the fusible web to temporarily adhere to the cardstock. You can use a gluestick, a light spray of temporary adhesive or SMALL pieces of scotch tape around the edges. You just want it to stay on enough to feed through the printer so make sure you don’t use a lot of whatever you decide to try. Make sure the paper side is facing UP and the rough side with the fusible web is temporarily adhered to the cardstock.
Printing Directly on Fusible Web Tutorial

Put the paper into the manual feed tray of your printer. Mine feeds from the rear. In order for it to print onto the fusible web I have to orient the fusible web paper side FACE UP (facing me) so it’ll go through the printer. Check your printer settings to see how to orient paper in your manual feed tray or run a test piece of paper through your printer to figure it out.

Printing Directly on Fusible Web Tutorial

When telling your file to print make sure your ink-jet printer is selected and page scaling is turned to NONE or OFF

Now go to properties

And tell it to print from the manual tray


Click OK to start the print job. Get your nearby furry helper to watch it print with you. Bernie’s in the cone because her allergies are acting up and she’s chewing on her leg so she’s a good helper today.

Printing Directly on Fusible Web Tutorial

Printing Directly on Fusible Web Tutorial

Printing Directly on Fusible Web Tutorial

Carefully separate the sheet of fusible web from your cardstock.

Printing Directly on Fusible Web Tutorial

You should have your design all printed out now! I recommend making sure it’s completely dry before working with it further. 

Printing Directly on Fusible Web Tutorial

Once it is dry, rough cut around your applique shapes and prep your applique fabric.

Printing Directly on Fusible Web Tutorial

Follow the manufacturers directions for your fusible web and fuse your applique shapes to the fabric.

Printing Directly on Fusible Web Tutorial

Cut and fuse to your background fabric! Look at how much time you saved.

Printing Directly on Fusible Web Tutorial


  1. Having Bernie as a helper must have helped a lot! :)) Thank you for the tutorial, I’ll save it for sure. I’m not using fusing as a technique too often and it never hurts to try out something that’s simple and fast.

  2. Amy Hering says:

    I love this! I just want to point out the if you are using a printed pattern, you could do the exact same thing using a copy machine. My printer is also a copier, so I’d follow your exact instructions, except lay the original on the copy plate. Saving time is always good 🙂

    • Great tip Amy – I’ve done that several times too and its occasionally easier when you don’t have to worry about the print interface 😀

  3. Great tutorial, Katie. Thanks for sharing it.

  4. Donna Hill says:

    This is just awesome! So well photographed and explained. Thank You Thank You! Very terrific tutorial.

  5. You do a great job with photos and instructions. Thanks for sharing, Katie!
    p.s. Bernie makes a wonderful helper 🙂

  6. I love your tutorial! I don’t know if you know this but there is also something called Print and Fuse. I use that all the time and it does save one step of attaching your fusible to the paper. Just thought I’d share 🙂


  7. Glenda Oliver says:

    Just to make sure I understand what exactly is card stock and where do you buy it sorry for the silly question don’t know much about printers and what else do you use card stock for


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