76 – Tissues Required.


I share what’s been going on with me. It does involve me crying. You’ve been warned. Here’s my new hair:

New hair


  1. So sorry you have to go through all this, Katie. You’re brave to take action and make a positive change in your life. Hang in there!

  2. Katie, you are so strong to make this decision. You will make it through this, as hard as it is now. Life is too short for regrets – you deserve complete happiness.

    Thank you for sharing something so personal. Virtual hugs!

    PS Your hair looks beautiful!

  3. Marye Albritton says:

    I was afraid something like this was going on and I’ve been thinking about you. I’ve been through 2 divorces and while I can assure you that they were in my and my children’s best interests, it still is so very hard. Hang in there, be kind to your self, and just keep yourself built up. You are so right to take care of yourself. You and Ringo can still be friends but you need to be you. BTW, if you need help with renovations, painting, or just want to talk, yell, vent, feel free to call me. You have made a lot of friends and I know that you are probably scared to death but you will do fine. I didn’t live alone until I was 56……I thought it would be so lonely but I LOVE it! I can do what I want when I want…..hang in there and Merry Christmas! OH……don’t worry about not sewing. You will when you are ready. If it really bothers you, schedule yourself 15-30 mins at a time. Just do that and see what happens. I was painting a mural when I went through my last divorce (which was a shock) and had I not been able to throw myself into that…because I HAD to, I would have lost my mind. See a counselor and learn to love yourself. We all do so you should as well.

  4. You are beautiful and strong! The future holds many possibilities for you. I’m sorry for your hurt now though. ((((Hugs!!))))
    PS- Dang right tissues are required- I was a mess while listening!

  5. Just a comment, I am in no way an expert but I did live through a divorce. You are doing this for you…..don’t continue to try to plan for the other persons future and happiness. That hasn’t be good for you so far, let it go. Keep your emotional well being as the focus, it must now only reflect the best decisions for you. This will be hard but necessary for your desired happiness. We live with our decisions and go forward.

    Good luck to you in the New Year. I know I wouldn’t be as happy and successful as a person/ wife/ mother if I had not stepped out for change.

  6. My heart does not break for you – it sings for you. You have such courage and you will absolutely love living on your own. The hard part will be getting there, selling the house, moving but you will get there. I too am in a relationship of love lost years ago and have been taking the easy way out of doing nothing for the last 20 years. I wish I had your courage (and youth)
    I truly wish you the best.

  7. You got this Katie! It will be a great new adventure and world of new possibilities. And you have plenty of time for the class samples, nothing to stress over. The sewing should be the fun escape you need. See you on preview day!

  8. Be true to yourself. Good luck to you in the future. Your hair really suits you too.

  9. Katie, you will come out of this a braver, happier person. I went through a divorce—and at the end, I realized how sad and lonely I had been for a long time. You’re right that in another 5 years you could still be trying to make your life feel better. Let us know how you’re doing, jill

  10. Hello Katie. Good to hear your voice again. So sorry you are going through a difficult time. I’ve been through the exact same situation in my early thirties. A year later I met my current husband and now at 56 am having a ball! it’s clear that you know instinctively that you are doing the right thing. All will be well. You have such talent with your quilting and what better therapy than that! warmest wishes x x x

  11. Emily Hinkel says:

    Just remember, you have many, many friends out here listening to you and supporting and loving you, even if you don’t know us! We are here for you.

  12. Hi Katie, You are following your heart, and that will always guide you to do the right thing, even if at times it is a hard decision. I trust with the sterilization you have already considered that it’s not only that you don’t want kids with Ringo, you don’t want them with anyone. Best of luck, you are a strong woman and will come out of this stronger and happier!

    • Yup – I know I don’t want children of my own. Should I find a partner and decide I do want children I’d rather adopt and give a child a home that needs one.

  13. My heart is breaking for you, Katie. Being strong and making good decisions for yourself isn’t easy, and I applaud you for standing up for what YOU need and want.
    I hope your surgery went well today and that you’ll be back to your feisty self quickly.

  14. Just finished the episode and wanted to send healing love vibrations to you. I have no doubt you will overcome this heartache and find your happiness again. Best of luck finding the perfect little quilting home for you and the pups!!

  15. reetlebeetle says:

    Better you know now that this is not the place you want to be in your journey. When love becomes a chore, a difficult task, is it really worth it? Aren’t you worth so much more?
    Your are so talented. God will make a way where there is no way.
    I was deeply in love with my first husband and he rejected me. Seven years later I met my NOW husband and for sure he is my soul-mate. Remember Katie, the sun WILL rise tomorrow.

    Your biggest fan

  16. I haven’t been through a divorce myself, but I went through my parents’ divorce. Just take care of yourself. Keep your options open and reach out to your friends. While you don’t feel like sewing, read quilt books, sketch, doodle or just read and watch TV. Bottomline: take care of yourself.

  17. Pat Seager says:

    Katie, I’ve been through it too but worse I think (I was the one left and with 2 children) so I can sympathize. From listening to you for over 70 episodes and hearing the relief in your voice now that you’ve decided, I know you’ll be okay.