77 – Everything is gonna be all right

  • I update you on what’s happened since Episode 76 aired.
  • I got my class samples done!
  • House hunting Katie style
  • An upcoming trip on the horizon to Vegas!
  • Iron review
  • Quilt Bear shipping policy changes

Various and sundry photos:

New teaching photo

Bundt cake fail

Smoked em upside down so the white meat gets juicy!

Watched Anne of Green Gables and worked on hand binding the ticker tape quilt

Bernie wants my ham

Byron also wants ham


  1. LOL! I did laugh when you said you like cooking! Sorry….I remember when you were so NOT interested in learning to cook.

  2. If I knew you in person, we’d be friends! 🙂

    • I think so,Melissa! I listened to each podcast from Katie, usually when I am driving from Rio de Janeiro to Teresopolis, where I live! I learn a lot from her and love the way she is sincere about products and herself! Wish we would be friends!!
      Have a nice 2014!

  3. I’m so happy that things are looking up for the two of you. I’m rooting for you!

    I need to get the Anne of Green Gables movie from Netflix. I didn’t even realize there was a movie version, and I absolutely love those books.

  4. Jacquelyn W. says:

    So happy to hear that things are “looking up” for you and Ringo! That is wonderful news! We only go “around once” and the grass is not always greener on the “other side”! But……wishing you only the best wherever life leads you. So many big decisions……….
    Just wondering if you use Aurifil monofilament when you are free motioning your quilts? If so, do you use the same thread in the bobbin? I am the proud owner of a Tiara and adjusting the tension can be challenging when changing threads — looking for your expertise. Thanks very much & Happy New Year!

    • I have used Aurifil monofiliment when doing FMQ and yes I use the same thread in the top and bobbin when I do it. It runs beautifully in my machine. Good luck working with it on your Tiara!

  5. R u going to move to Vegas? Always love your posts, sending you warm and gentle hugs that the New Year of *2014* will be a wonderful year!!!

  6. Lauren wants ham too-move over Bernie and Byron!

  7. When you mention about cooking.. OMG … my sister would be chuckling at mee too… there was a point in time where it was easy for me to go to a friend’s house than to cook for 1. I could only hear my sister laughing too cause of the few cooking blenders (pun intended) i have had. My favorite was cooking pumpkin pie at midnight knowing that i had to go to work by 7 am for Thanksgiving day and my work schedule got moved up. Needless to say the wrong can of condensed milk got pulled and with enough whip cream can over come the lack of sugar… lol

  8. I was so upset when you reported that one of your listeners was angry about Episode 76. Sheesh! Know that there are those of us out there who do care and are cheering for you regardless of what life brings. We all have ‘life updates’ and not all of them involve unicorns and rainbows. Keep up the good work. I appreciate the time and effort you put into the podcast and your blog. You are an inspiration. Thanks.

    • Thanks Jaye – I deleted the negative comments or the “know it all” type comments since they weren’t very supportive. Thanks for being there for me and understanding not everything is unicorns and rainbows!

  9. So enjoyed the latest podcast and hearing all about your trips past and future. You talked a bit about getting healthy/cooking/new kitchen. I was on Weight Watchers about 10 years ago and it was so much fun cooking the recipes, figuring out how to get low-points meals–and there are no foods that are off limits. This endeavor will be an excellent couples activity too. Plans for a swimming pool sound great! Swimming burns more calories than almost any other physical activity AND is much easier on your joints, Looking forward to all the updates!!

  10. Just got caught up on your podcasts and wanted to wish you great mojo for 2014. I really appreciate all you do – podcasts, tutorials, blogging, etc and wanted to say thanks for your honesty and sincerity even when it’s not all sunshine and roses. Love the corgi pictures and updates too and thanks for the key fob link – I’ve always wanted to do some of those! Best wishes in the new year for whatever may come!

  11. Love listening to your pod casts!! I have the most loving grand dog who just happens to be a corgi! Enjoy hearing their “click click ” of their nails when you’re doing your podcasts 🙂