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Tinkerbell Quilt progress

My Tinkerbell Quilt got a border on last week (boy I haven’t done a mitered border in a while!).  I also took the time to quilt the center and do the applique stitch before Kismet broke. Unfortunately I probably won’t bind her until I get Kismet back. I love how it’s looking so far though!

Download the Tinkerbell Applique Template for free here!

Tinkerbell Quilt Top

Tinkerbell Quilt Top

I quilted the center using Aurifil 50 wt. Cotton Mako on my new Pfaff Powerquilter 16.0. I also used two layers of batting to get that texture that I love so much.Quilting - McTavishing

Quilting - McTavishing

Tinkerbell Quilt

Tinkerbell Quilt

Tinkerbell Quilt

I also worked on prepping some ticker tape applique blocks for a class I’m teaching next quarter. Really looking forward to this one! I think it’ll be a fun scrap buster for a lot of people.

Ticker Tape Applique Blocks

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  1. The quilting looks great! Kismet broke? What happened? I hope it’s an easy fix!

    • Needle bar got all wiggly and won’t move right/left at all. Its like it popped off something. I don’t know how easy its gonna be to fix but I hope I get her back soon.

  2. Yes, what happened to Kismet? You have inspired me to try a little more creativity with my machine quilting. The detailed photos you take of the process help me to see that it is doable! Thanks :-)

  3. Love your quilting! I am betting you are having a blast with your new machine! Poor Kismet! Hope she is back in business soon. Your miters look awesome! I have not done them very much as I find them a little intimidating, but love the look!

  4. Hi Katie. Your quilt looks great. Thanks for making the template available to us. I really struggle with mitered borders. Last year, I made a holiday table runner and 4 placemats for my sister using mitered borders. I was disappointed at the results and I couldn’t find really clear instructions in my quilting books or online. Would you consider doing a tutorial?

  5. Love the tinkerbell quilt! You are doing a wonderful job. Thanks you for the link.

    What size of blocks are you using for the background for the ticker tape blocks?

  6. HI i really like the tinkerbell, but i am a bit confused, there seems to be a lump on her back? if not a lump what might it be?

  7. What pattern did you use for the quilt and where can I purchase? I am having someone make a baby crib for my daughter’s first baby and she is using the Tinkerbell Theme.

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