81 – Vegas, Quilting Research, Peacocks and Gingham


My trip to Vegas was lots of fun! I spent nearly a week there. I’ll share all the fun things I did.

  • Flight and arrival at Bellagio, In & Out
  • Trip to Hoover Dam, Lake Mead overlook and Quiltique
  • Couples Learn to Float
  • Big Dig excursion
  • Downtown Fremont St. and Heartattack Grill
  • Visit to Green Valley Ranch

House update – plumbing fun, recent rains, new bench

Getting back into the swing of things:

  • Patriotic charm swap
  • Modern quilt guild projects
  • Stuffed Peacock finish
  • Gingham quilt project

Scientific Research


  1. Karen Lucas says:

    So happy to see your new podcast. Missed hearing from you. Listened to it as soon as I spotted it. Love listening to your program and looking forward to hearing more soon. Your new house sounds fantastic. Hope to hear a new podcast in a couple weeks.