82 – Projects galore! Tool and pattern reviews, MM Challenge Quilt


Episode 82 Mosaic Boy I’ve been busy! I’ll talk about the variety of projects I’ve been working on, new tools, new books and some design process.

Products I reference in this episode:

Save on group buys for crafting and sewing items over at Massdrop

Learn how to baste your quilts using trim boards


  1. Poor Ringo….has NO CLUE about sewing and zippers. He is a typical male! Lol!

    So happy to hear your excitement about getting in the quilting groove again.

  2. Your closing is so PERFECT! I have the first and last quilted things you have made for me. ALL of them are precious to me SIMPLY because they were made by you. Through all the quilted items, I see a progression of technique and sewing abilities. Others may see all your mistakes – I only see the love in every stitch, wonky or straight.
    As you know, I still have some of the very first “craft” things you made for me from childhood (kindergarten). They are beginning to fall apart but I don’t care….they were made by my loving daughter. You have learned a very important thing….giving of your time is more precious than how much something costs to make (quilt). It takes TIME and patience to make beautiful things.
    I love you!

    • shelly beth grappe says:

      So excited! Got my purple dog holders thingies all set up and ready to go. I used it yesterday on my Janome 8900 having attached them to the cabinet. I have two machines in cabinets side by side sooo I shall order a 3rd arm and both machines will have a set, by sharing the holder thingie in the middle. So happy with this set up. Thank you ever so much for sharing this idea!
      I am a bold person when it comes to suggestions so please take no offense. For me your Michel Miller quilt”s placement of the wavy Dresden plate looks like a Bridge. Thus said, I meekly suggest you call your quilt( The Bridge- from Traditional to Modern). Again thank you sweet girl for sharing all your time and talents. So glad you and your man are on the same path again. After 40 years of marriage I can honestly say the journey is worth all the detours and flat tires a life long trip of love and companionship must take to arrive. Have a bliss filled day. A fan: shelly beth grappe

  3. That hedgehog is the cutest and I love the poof!