Hedgehog, Pouf and Summer is here!

I’ve been in a flurry of sewing ADD. I probably have about 5 different projects scattered around my room right now in various states of being finished. I did get a few things finished this past weekend though.

This cute hedgehog is an in-the-hoop stuffed toy I decided to try because I was participating in a Plushie swap. I will say I was disappointed with the instructions provided with the file but I managed to get the toy done without much fuss. She turned out cute and I was able to use up some scrap minkee I had floating around in my sewing room.

I finished my first Amy Butler pattern! This is the large Honeybun Pouf. I underestimated the amount of stuffing it would need given that I had several bins overflowing with scrap batting I thought it would completely fill it up. Nope! I will be adding bean bag filler tonight to finish it off. I’d definitely make another one even though they are darned time consuming. All the fabrics used were home dec remnants I had lying around so I didn’t have to purchase any batting or fabric for this project. I even had the button kits to make the covered buttons in my drawer!



I’ll take better photos of the pouf when it’s filled up all the way. I was just so stinking excited to have it done.

Summer is here so that means the tropical storms are coming. We can have bad rainstorms and flooding without even having to have a hurricane system come through. This was from a week ago and it took out all of our internet equipment in the house (router, switches, everything).

One of our summer visitors (we have hundreds around the yard)


Lastly – Craftsy is having a huge summer sale! If you’ve been waiting for your class to go on sale it’s probably on sale now. Take advantage!


  1. Linda Brammer says:

    Thanks for your informative podcasts!
    I didn’t quite catch the name of the website you were describing in the last podcast. My ears perked up when you mentioned the Aurifil thread at a discount. The price depended o. How many orders they received.