My First One-Star Podcast Review


I realize the podcast quality hasn’t been up to snuff lately with everything I’ve had going on. My heart just hasn’t been into it hence the longer gaps between episodes – and then I get reviews like this that further discourage me trying to get back into podcasting.

If you’re gonna leave a one star review I don’t see why you have to do personal attacks or assume you know something about someone after listening to 8 minutes of a random episode. Maybe I should stop talking about my personal life in my episodes altogether.

Edit: Thanks for the comments of support and the kind words on Facebook, the blog and Twitter! Other podcasters have been getting nasty comments or bad reviews too, Lori wrote a great post about all the quilty podcasters giving us all some much needed love. I know ya can’t please everyone it just astounds me when people think it’s okay to be rude like this to someone they don’t even know.


  1. Aw, Katie, she’s had her rant now let’s get back to having fun with turkey bacon and letting the dogs pee. Don’t quit. I just really don’t understand why people think they should be mean on the web. I’m sure she thinks with this review on iTunes that she’s protecting “someone” (who?) from a 20-something whom she doesn’t seem to care for – ho-hum. Shake her off. 🙂

  2. What Glenna said!

  3. Haters are just gonna hate, and the Internet makes it far too easy. That’s just one person who would rather be mean than to just unsubscribe, while there are many, many of us who look forward to each episode. So, just forget that one naysayer and keep on doing what you are doing!

  4. Noooo! That’s terrible! I can’t believe someone wrote that. I (and I know I’m not alone) would really miss hearing about the Corgis, your house, vacations, teaching, work, Ringo, etc. etc. along with the quilting stuff. Please don’t let that review get you down. I’m going to go and leave a 5 star review to combat the negativity! We miss you when we don’t hear from you! o:)

  5. Sheila Williams says:

    Whoof what a horrible thing to leave as a review! I haven’t actually listened to your podcasts but that is neither here nor there, if you can’t say anything nice then move on and don’t say anything. A very mean spirited review. Take no heed xx

  6. andreia says:

    Please do not quit, love your podcast. Some people are just so unhappy in their lives that they have to try and make others just as unhappy. Do not let that review bring you down. Keep on doing what you have been doing. I would be sad if you quit. Do you want me to be sad? Of course not. Lol now… Put a smile on your face and go record. We all want another episode out soon.

  7. Major BOO to her, and she is off the team! I loooooove your podcasts so much! My iTunes review said you could talk about soil samples and make it interesting. I bet you have a lot of listeners who don’t even quilt. Your voice records very well, you maintain a fun variety of topics, you deliver at a good pace/pattern, and you have an ethos that comes through every time. When it comes to quilting/sewing, you are worth 10 of me. Luv ya!!

  8. I personally really enjoy the Corgi stories and the ups and downs of your marriage.

  9. She probably owns a VIKING machine and is having issues with it. ROFLOL!

    Katie, what you’ve been doing on your blog/podcast is tailored to YOUR life. There will always be someone who thinks they can do things better than you. Just put things in perspective. You ARE doing a blog and podcast!
    Don’t let her WIN….by making you think you aren’t good enough or that you haven’t made a difference because you have touched so many people through your blog: quilters, dog lovers, fellow corgi owners, childless couples and many others.

    I’m so proud of all that you’ve accomplished. You SOHULD be too!

    Please keep doing the blog/podcast.

    • On top of all of the other comments, I love that you share your Mum with us, your episodes together are hilarious, and I love that she just said ROFLOL (:

  10. Stephanie says:

    Katie – Shake that hater!!! I’m more for a personal quilty blog any day!!! I like the idea that I’m listening to another human with feelings and a personality. You might be going thru something that might be of encouragement to me or someone else. Today many people lack compassionate and empathy for one another…in our podcast we bring out our true hearts and souls for all to hear and that is what’s setting us apart from other podcasters!!! Please keep going and don’t stop!!!

  11. anncmcgee says:

    Katie, please don’t let this unhappy mean-spirited person get to you. Some people get their kicks by making others unhappy and clearly that’s what this person is doing. There is nothing constructive in what he/she has written. I have no doubt it’s hurtful but please try to brush it off, take a deep breath and carry on doing what you’ve always done. I’ve enjoyed the friendly way you have welcomed us into your life. Your blog and your podcasts are fun and informational. Don’t change a thing. And just like your Mom I’m proud of you too!

  12. The Internet makes people feel safe saying things they’d never say to someone’s face, and that’s just atrocious. Comments like that say a whole lot more about the person leaving the comment than about the person being commented upon. All that being said, it probably doesn’t make it any less painful to have read. I’m sorry this happened, and I hope it doesn’t make you quit. Podcast on your own terms, sister!

  13. Sandy hit the nail on the head… and for the record, I love all kinds of bacon and you can podcast about your pups all day long (pee, poop, whatever bodily fluid you want to chat about) and I will still be a fan and listen. Phooey on her. Take heart in all the positive reviews you have garnered over the years and recognize her for the small, shallow person that she is. xoxo

  14. Deborah DeBerry says:

    It is apparent that this person was never taught any manners. I was always told if you have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all. Oh well, pity this person didn’t know that. Get a life.

  15. Hi Katie, I happened upon one of your podcasts a long while ago while having my morning coffee break. It was the one where you were unpacking a huge “scrap bag” of fabric goodies you ordered from the fat quarter shop. I had such fun watching this! Bringing out each piece at a time and sorting into piles. I totally loved it – along with your comments regarding the fabric and what you would and would not likely use etc etc. It was like having you over for a coffee and a nice chat about quilting etc. I could watch you unpack a “scrap bag” every week – honestly it was fun. I have not watched any other podcasts yet, but plan to do so soon.

    I went to the podcast page and the heading says you will be talking about quilting, the cutie pie corgis that I love photos of, life etc. etc. So, if this silly woman had read this in the first place she would have been well aware that your podcasts are not entirely instructional pieces.

    If your style is not of interest to her….then move on. What is the big deal. You cannot possibly please every taste. There are lots of purely instructional pieces out there to watch on podcasts, blogs, u tube etc. etc.

    Chin up girl…that is what I would say to my daughter who is your age. Don’t let this bother you for one second and carry on!

  16. Katie, Please don’t give up. That’s one person’s opinion. I’ve been listening to your podcasts for quite some time now along with most of the other quilters (twilters). I feel like you as well as all of them are my friends. I listen to your stories about your up and downs and it helps me to know that I’m not the only one with issues. I enjoy all of the sewing/quilting stories as I do not have any friends that quilt. Please keep podcasting, I don’t want to lose another friend.

  17. Tammie Smith says:

    Wow! Nice way to hide behind a computer monitor to spew your venom! I’m sure she would never say anything like that if she were face to face. Life is too short for people to treat each other this way. I’m sorry if this one person made you feel bad; but I think what you have to say is interesting. I love a good biographical rambling. Makes me realize that we are all in this together.

  18. Katie, I too love your podcast. I really look forward to it each month (wish you were able to do it twice a month). I enjoy hearing about your life & love hearing about your dogs. You have been extremely helpful to this newbie quilter & I think you are very talented quilter & designer ! Keep the podcasts coming. Don’t listen to that negative person!!!!!!

  19. Don’t you dare think about changing your podcast style..I just love listening to you tell me about ALL your life… after all you do tell people in your intro ” and life updates”… that’s why you have so many dedicated followers. We feel like you are chatting to us a friend…. pod casting is by it’s very nature a one sided conversation although I do talk back to you quite a bit.. , if we were all together in one room you can bet most of the conversations would be about the little things that happen to us which we would either laugh about or commiserate with and if we are quilters then there would be quilty talk t00 And you do make me laugh so Yay Katie !!!!!

  20. I just don’t understand why people need to make negative comments! If you don’t like something that is what the “OFF” button is for, ya’ know??
    Anyway Katie, just keep on keeping on as they say. I enjoy your ‘cast and I’m an “old lady” who’s been quilting for over 50 years. I find the “modern quilting” movement entertaining even if I am still of the “non-modern quilting one.
    Don’t let the bad vibes get to you.

  21. As a fellow podcasters I’ve had this experience. Even had someone email me to further explain why they didn’t like my pidcast lol. At first it stung A LOT, but there are tons of people out there that love what we do and a couple negative people shouldn’t ruin it. There are just some people that aren’t happy unless they make others miserable. As others have said and my mentality as well for those that don’t like it, don’t listen lol.

    You are a bundle of fun and I hope you don’t let this keep ya down! Hearing about personal life adds to the connection with our viewers/ listeners and makes us true to ourselves in our podcasts. Have a wonderful weekend quilting up something fun.

    Oh loved your tip about using the thick pellon interfacing for pattern templates plan to try that today. Will be helpful with my crazy cats that love to jump on my works in progress and crinkle my paper patterns 😉

  22. Sondra Wagner says:

    I know it’s hard but don’t take it to heart! You have so many people who look forward to hearing about your life! We love hearing about the corgis, your husband, your quilting adventures, your vacations and everything in between!

  23. VeryLazyDaisy says:

    She’s just jealous that she can’t be as awesome as we are.. What an effing troll.

  24. Dear Katie
    …..POO-POO-POO…. And Corgi Pee-pee to ‘ ihggrui’. I wonder what those letters stand for?… I hate…?
    I look forward to your podcasts! …and I’m sorry you’re not able to create them more than once a month.
    People like that are “TAKERS”. They have NO consideration for the effort required to put together a podcast … for everyone to enjoy FOR FREE!!!
    Keep up the good work!
    Terry B
    Yuba City, CA

  25. Dear Katie
    …..POO-POO-POO…. And Corgi Pee-pee to ‘ ihggrui’. I wonder what those letters stand for?… I hate…?
    I look forward to your podcasts! …and I’m sorry you’re not able to create them more than once a month.
    People like that are “TAKERS”. They have NO consideration for the effort required to put together a podcast … for everyone to enjoy FOR FREE!!! I UNFRIEND ihggrui!
    Keep up the good work!
    Terry B
    Yuba City, CA

  26. Debbie Kidd says:

    So sorry Katie. Some people are just mean. You’re podcast is honest and you’ve never tried to sell yourself as anything but what you are. I agree with the above comments. This person is more about getting themselves noticed than actually having a valid comment. I know it’s hard not to feel bad, but this was only one unhappy person. The rest of us love you.

  27. Hi Katie!
    I just discovered your podcast about a year ago & have truly enjoyed listening to them. Please do not dwell on one person’s mean-spirited review. There are many more dog-loving people like myself who enjoy hearing about your dogs’ antics along with hearing about your quilting projects & life. I applaud your courage to share your life so honestly. I look forward to your podcasts & wish you health & happiness!

  28. Emily Hinkel says:

    I have been listening a long time, and I feel like a friend is visiting when I have your podcast on!
    Sandy was right, rudeness says a lot more about the person commenting than about you! Keep going
    girl, we are here for you!!

  29. Alice Watson says:

    Ditto to all of the encouraging comments. You are taking your time to create a podcast. I, for one (and obviously many), enjoy your podcast. I am a 73 year old Grandmother and love knowing that young people are quilting, too. In my lifetime I have encountered people such as the one who has a different opinion from me concerning your podcast. That person doesn’t know anything about encouragement and love. Or, that’s the way it appears. Podcast ON!