Nearing the Finish Line

I’m getting close to having Hopscotch Lane finished.  I completed the quilting portion last weekend and put the binding on a day later after I trimmed it. I assumed I’d have plenty of time this week to do the hand binding at home but several things threw a wrench in my plans so I’ll be rushing today to get that done. I really wanted to do a “finished” post for this quilt next. Oh well!

Hopscotch Lane - quilting in progress

50% done with the fill quilting (at the bottom of the quilt) and all of the straight line quilting was finished in this photo.

Some progress pix with captions for detail:

We’ve had some really bad storms come through Tampa lately. This is Bernie’s “I’m freaking out” face.


I have a blurb in an article of the August/September issue of Quilters Newsletter on how to price a quilt for sale. Lots of other great quilters are quoted too giving sound advice on selling your quilts. I recommend this issue a lot!


I splurged for my upcoming birthday and got a set of eyelash extensions put on. Loving them so far – I feel like one of those babydolls with the long lashes and the blinky eyes.

I took the boys to a corgi birthday party at a waterpark last weekend and they had such a blast! Here are some fun photos:


  1. Your quilt is gorgeous Katie!!! And pre-Happy Birthday – the lashes look lovely dah-ling 😉

  2. I just noticed you wearing one of your birthday gifts – the earrings! I hope you really like them.

  3. The quilt looks great, Katie! I wanted to tell you I was totally inspired by your take on the challenge fabrics. I used mine to do a dresden too – but I did a traditional dresden with some hexies to frame it – also used a blue background. I thought it look so great on yours! I’ll be posting it soon. I made my a small wallhanging that I have on a door in my kitchen. Love your eyelashes! All the pups look like they had a great time at the waterpark – what a great idea! My Lilly has her own “pool” at home – a baby pool we blew up for her that she plays “cork” in – we throw in wine corks and she fishes them out – LOL I think she would love the waterpark!

  4. Beautiful, beautiful quilting.

    How in the world does one get to have a dog party at a waterpark? My dogs are so jealous of your dogs.

  5. Love the quilt… nothing will take away from that, But the corgi birthday party pics just made my day! What a hoot! Thanks for posting.

  6. Love the lashes! Please tell us all the “installation” details in your next podcast.

  7. I really like the background quilting design you did with the Dresdens and the McTavishing, Katie! It really goes well together, and the McTavishing outlines the Dresden pattern nicely. Your eye lashes are beautiful! You do look like a doll :)) And the corgis are adorable, with smiles and all! The little puppy is so cute with the oversized ears and not quiet big head :)))

  8. Carolyn says:

    Katie I have been following your blog and podcasts since you started. You are really blossoming . Your ideas for new designs are great and your quilting is beautiful. Do you think the mid arm has really helped with that? There is no limit to the possibilities and you show that in all you do. I’m so inspired. Thank you for sharing your quilting life.

  9. Beautiful quilt and equally beautiful lashes!