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Settling In – Pic update

I'm mostly moved in to my new house. It's been a process the last few weeks of constantly going to the old house to load up stuff and bring it to my new place. I'm at the end of that I think … [Read more...]

88 – Destash my life, The Corgi Cottage, Thinking Tiny

House update! I closed. Finally. Mortgage approval frustration Tiny repairs Changing things in my studio and organization ideas. ¬†More modern less clutter and furniture. Some … [Read more...]

Project Simplify – Part 3 – Closing, Yard Sale, and some fun! Big pic update

It's been a crazy, crazy month. I keep reminding myself that it took nearly 14 years to accumulate all this stuff so it's not going to disappear overnight. I've been attacking things room by … [Read more...]

Project Simplify – Part 2 – Letting go

Everything is going very well with the home I'm under contract to purchase. My inspection went really well. The home has new plumbing and wiring throughout, the roof is less than 10 years … [Read more...]

The Corner is On the Move!

A lot has happened in the last few weeks. I found a small two bedroom / one bath house that I put an offer in on. My offer was accepted last week so now we start the process of packing and … [Read more...]

87 – Growth and Change

The Tiny House movement and how it has inspired changes in my life Project Simplify Current health update Quilting bug slowly returning Cornwallis the tortoise and Corgi … [Read more...]

Project Simplify – Part 1: How did I get here?

I recently shared photos of my studio in complete disarray (compared to how it looked when I first set stuff up it's kinda scary) and it really made me think - I haven't even been quilting … [Read more...]

Extreme Studio Makeover – BEFORE

As far as I know we don't have earthquakes in Florida so... I can only assume all of this was caused by me. I want to spend the next couple weeks really going through my stuff and thought a … [Read more...]

Meet Cornwallis

Our new shelled family member arrived in late July and the last month has been lots of fun watching him explore. Cornwallis is a Mediterranean¬†greek tortoise that hatched at the end of June … [Read more...]


Well, I believe I've come to the conclusion that I burned myself out on quilting. I knew that even before my illness in March but afterwards I've felt the importance of giving myself a much … [Read more...]