85 – Where in the world is Katie Sandiego


Burnout – the real issue of overextending yourself.

Website frustration

October NYC Trip

The apartment we rented at Bubba and Bean lodges

Sunday outing with Kati and Attila – M&J Trimmings, The City Quilter, Purl Soho, Washington Square Park

9/11 Memorial

Amy Ruth’s in Harlem

Colbert Report and Daily Show

Swings in Central Park and one solitary corgi

Top of the Rock

Chelsea Market food tour

Modern Quilt Guild Meetings and upcoming events

Quilting the MQG charity quilt on Anne

Plans for 2015

Technicolor Galaxy – Skilbuilder Block of the Month by Pile O’ Fabric

Show quilt

Quiltsmart giveaways

The Cotton Patch quilt shop in Sarasota




  1. Fao Schwartz is where your very first baby gift (the Cow Bell Rattle) came from after I found out I was pregnant. It was a gift from a lady in Miami that worked at a Tag Agency.

  2. Marye Albritton says:

    I’m SO glad to hear you back up and running. Katie, I’m so proud you are learning to prioritize. I’m always saying “yes” and put myself under pressure that makes my projects more work. I’m doing the PileoFabric Technicolor quilt too. I did her’s a couple years ago and it is on my bed as we speak. QAYG is a wonderful way to do things and , like you, I’m really curious to see how she is going to do this. I always learn so much from her.
    Welcome back and keep your life for you and Ringo. I’m happy to hear from you anytime.

  3. We stayed at Bubba and Bean’s too when we travelled to the US….lovely…loved all the photos…and green with envy.

  4. Amy Laura says:

    I was so glad to hear your voice again, Katie! You are not the only one suffering from burnout, but it is good that you took the time you needed to get back to feeling like yourself. I hope that you are able to ease back into quilting at a pace that works better for your life.

    Your chat about New York made me want to go and visit again! It’s been a really long time since I was there. I’m so glad you had a good time.

    Welcome back!

  5. I missed you and am so glad to hear your voice again. I was hoping all was well and you were just busy.

  6. Hi friend! So glad to hear your voice again 🙂 I have missed you! Glad you are doing well and took the time you needed to focus on you…that’s so important and something I am not very good at LOL. HUGS!

  7. Welcome back. Great to hear your voice again. Enjoyed hearing about your NY trip.

  8. I have listened to all the episodes of your podcast. I am very intrigued with embroidery machines now. I have 2 questions- How do you make you quilt labels on you embroidery machine, and what brand thread do you use?
    thank you, Deanna

  9. Hi Katie,
    I just heard your podcast and thoroughly enjoyed it! It was like re-living the great time we had! 🙂
    I felt a bit bad for Ringo though, I never realized how much effort it took him to push through the day until I heard you saying it. I told Attila I want to try out the cupcake ATM ther next time we go to the City and his reaction was: we don’t even eat cupcakes… Oops :))) I realized whilke listening to you why we never saw the museum! The last time we were there it was still not open.
    About the burnout… I think I was in the same phase before Christmas, then started to make presents, and it went away. And now I can’t get myself into get working on Grand Illusion. Something must be in the air as I heard Daisy also talking about burnout in her podcast, funnyly right after yours 🙂
    I still don’t get what’s up with the Sandiego part? :))))
    I so wanted to do the Technicolor quilt along also, but have so many tops need to be quilted I can’t have one more before I finish at least 2 of them. Maybe later in the year I will join in!
    Hope we can go to Florida soon and I definitely want to go to Sarasota while the boys check out all the electronics stores, LOL!
    I was so glad to hear your voice again! 🙂