Friday updateWell, I believe I’ve come to the conclusion that I burned myself out on quilting. I knew that even before my illness in March but afterwards I’ve felt the importance of giving myself a much needed break.  I was doing quilting stuff 20-30 hours a week on top of working a full time job and taking care of my household duties too. It just became too much. I’ve always had a difficult time finding balance with my hobbies and quilting is no exception.

 The good news is my studio is waiting for me when I feel ready to return! In the meantime I’m enjoying some other things and working on simplifying my quilting stash since I’ve accumulated things over the years between buying and being given things by other people when they find out I’m a quilter.  Some notions I tried and didn’t like or bought and never used.  Some fabric I was given by friends but never used or liked it either (yet you feel pressure to keep it because someone gave it to you). So, I’m slowly cleaning things out and reorganizing my studio.

I have’t podcasted because I haven’t been doing any quilting so I’m not sure what I’d talk about other than everyday life! The corgis are all doing pretty well.  Basil had CCL surgery to repair a torn ligament in his knee and he is recovering nicely.  He had surgery on June 10th and a month later the surgeon says he is doing fabulous. We are all waiting on his hair to grow back. Keeping him from jumping and running since he’s feeling better has been a challenge! I know it’ll be great for him in the end.  He is enjoying pool therapy a lot.

Easiest way to keep up with my shenanigans these days is to follow me on Instagram.  I update there quite often! 

Photo update time!

 I got a new tattoo that kind of represents my healing from my illness and my hope for health in the future. It is a tree of life design with “kodama” (Japanese tree spirits that live in a healthy forest) and rainbow dragonflies. These are characters from a Studio Ghibli film named “Princess Mononoke”. It took three hours to do and the last 30 minutes was tortore but I love how it came out. Princess Mononoke Tree of Life Kodama Tattoo thighpiece

Friday updateThe Twilters made me a GORGEOUS quilt! I was so surprised and I love my quilt so much. I need to take upclose photos of it because the stars all have little messages from my friends. Friday update

And the back has a lovely Tinkerbell label!
Friday update

Friday update

Friday update

Friday update

Friday update

Friday update

Friday updateI have been doing some coloring in one of my adult coloring books and enjoying that! Friday update

Friday update

Friday update

Friday update

Friday update

Aaaand in other big news I’m having a baby! Okay…. not a human baby. But I’m getting a baby….. tortoise. This is a little greek tortoise hatchling that will be coming home next week to live with us. I’m still brainstorming names but I think I’ve settled on calling it Cornwallis. I’m having a ball setting up the indoor tortoise table and planning what the outdoor area will look like. Since I’m in Florida it will be able to live outside pretty much year-round once it’s big enough. I can talk your ear off about tortoises now.




  1. Amy Laurs says:

    It was great to hear from you! I’m glad that you and the corgis are doing well. I hope that you don’t give up quilting forever, because you truly are a talented artist. Cleaning out sounds like a good idea, perhaps it will help you feel interested again sometime. Thanks for the update!

  2. Verylazydaisy says:

    I know what it’s like to need a break. Quilting is always there when you’re ready for it. I’m sure you’ll eventually come back to it, more creative than ever! In the meantime, take care of you.

  3. So good to hear from you, Katie – and looking beautiful! Nothing wrong with podcasting about this and that too even if it does’nt involved quilting! Yours was one of my favorites! o:)

  4. bobbi dougherty says:

    So glad the illness stuff is behind you. I hope you continue to write occasionally. I want to hear all about Cornwallis! 🙂 The puppers seem to be doing good and I am glad you are switching it up a little. 🙂

  5. Great to hear from you friend! It sounds like you are finding your groove. Quilting will wait until you’re ready to go back to it. Can’t wait to hear more about Cornwallis lol 🙂 Love the name. Glad the other 4 legged babies are doing well. Wish you lived closer and could come have play dates with little Gus (not going to be little for long). Not much quilting happening here this year. Business has been insane (which is good for paying employees etc, but bad for making a life outside of work) and I just haven’t had the energy or time. I am going to Houston with Mom in October and really looking forward to that. I also have a baby quilt that I need to finish for my cousin who is due any day lol. Miss you!!!! xoxo

  6. Super nice to see you surface and say “hi”. I thought of you the other day, knowing that there have not been any updates lately and just hoped you were not ill. I was a full time quilter/sewer for about 7 years while my daughter was going to University. She worked and I worked to help with the high expenses, and her degree was obtained, but I was darned happy not to be meeting any quilting deadlines anymore. So I kind of know what you are saying. Quilting is always there…. and lots of people drift in and out of quilty activity as their lives and creative drive dictates. That is one of the wonderful joys of quilting. I do hope you keep us up to date on the “new baby” as I know absolutely nothing about turtles and would love to hear how it goes along with your other babies.

  7. Lauretta6 says:

    Great to see a post from you. We missed you and are really happy you are feeling better. You gave all of us on-line friends a real scare. Loved the picture of your new baby. Keep in touch with all of us. We would love updates even if it is not about quilting. You will hear the quilting call soon enough.. We all come back to it. I have limited time to sew and try to fit it in any where I can. Even if most of us are lurkers we are still waiting to hear from you. Remember to take care of yourself..

  8. Hi, Katie! I am so glad to see a new post from you! I am a latecomer to your podcast. I have all of them from the beginning downloaded on my computer at work and have been listening to them. I had jumped ahead to a couple of the more recent ones due to the titles catching my attention and being concerned. I am so glad you are healing both physically and emotionally. Like so many others have said, I have enjoyed hearing about all of your day to day activities including your quilting. Listening to your podcast is like having a friend waiting at work to help me get through the day. I also love hearing Bernie, Basil, and Byron in the background because they sound like my own 4-legged babies. Your newest addition is also adorable…little Cornwallis! Thank you for sharing your talents and your life with us. You present yourself as such a professional, confident person who is also very fun and approachable and you have a wonderful voice for the task, too! I hope to hear from you again soon, but meanwhile take care of yourself. I believe, too, that you will get back to your quilting. Just give yourself the time you need.

  9. Hi, Katie! I was so happy to see a post from you! I have been worried about you, but am glad to hear that you are taking time for yourself and healing physically and emotionally. I am a latecomer to your podcast. I have them all loaded on my computer at work from the very start and have been listening to them. I confess that I listened to a couple of the more recent episodes, concerned by their titles. I love listening to you, thought. It’s like having a friend at work, helping me get through the day. You have a wonderful voice for podcasting and present yourself in a professional and confident yet fun and approachable manner. I love hearing Bernie, Basil, and Byron in the background. They make me think of my own two 4-legged babies at home. You are such a talented lady, and I know after a rest your desire to quilt will surely return. There is no need to rush yourself. Regroup and take it a day at a time. Meanwhile, if you podcast about the rest of your daily life, I am certain you will find us listening! Thanks for your hard work!!!

  10. I was so happy to see this in my feed! I was just thinking the other day about how much I miss hearing your voice. I’m glad to hear you and the Corgis are doing well and expecting a new family member (although I will admit to liking furry pets better). Some day the quilting bug will return! Until then, love everything else you’re doing!

  11. Wow–the picture of you in the navy blue blouse and silver necklace is super-pretty! Thanks for updating us. As many others said, it’s not just for quilting that we tune into your podcast–enjoy hearing about you and Ringo, travels, house stuff, work stuff, extended family, life in Florida, Disney, etc. I am a sewist and usually take a break after every 2nd or 3rd project OR as soon as I feel that I am not enjoying it, I take some time away from it. Anyway, glad you’re feeling well and “re-booting.” Take care! 🙂

  12. Glad to see you post. I’ve been burnt out on my sewing stuff. I’ve gotten into making furniture. Started off with my bed. I know, seems a little large to start as a first time project. But I couldn’t find one that I liked in the store. But what I’m really excited to hear about is your tortoise. My mother in law gave my boys a couple tortoises. They love them! And they are such great pets. Ours are still tiny. Almost a year old now.

  13. It is so great to read what has been going on. It is alot to do everything we like to do and still keep sane with it. So ready for retirement so i can do everything else.. lol .. Keep posting and see you around.

  14. I am glad to hear you are allowing yourself time to recover. I tend to overindulge as well, so I have an idea of what you are going through. It is good to clear out your studio and get it in the shape you want it to be in when you are ready. I am glad you phrased it that way since it would be a shame for you to never quilt again. You are extremely talented. I miss your life updates on the podcast, but understand how it goes. Enjoy your break! You look gorgeous!