Extreme Studio Makeover – BEFORE


As far as I know we don’t have earthquakes in Florida so… I can only assume all of this was caused by me. I want to spend the next couple weeks really going through my stuff and thought a post of the madness would be a good motivator.

My cutting table area is kind of one big mess. There is a pile of fabric that needs to be folded and put away, lots of fabric remnants from cutting up smaller stuff and some miscellaneous mail that I haven’t done anything with. I have one small corner free to trim and cut fabric since the only thing I’ve really been doing lately are small blocks for my modern quilt guild projects.

Honest Craftroom August 2015

A better view of the Pile o’ fabric. You can see my Technicolor Galaxy peeking out.  I accidentally scorched it with an iron and not sure if I wanna just continue with it as is or replace those pieces before I put the bias on.

Honest Craftroom August 2015

I really want to get rid of some of the furniture in here.  That printer cart has to go. The printer/scanner thing doesn’t even work anymore so it’s just collecting dust at this point. I thought about turning it into a mail center but again – I’d rather have the floor space free in my room. So this will probably be moved to the office or another room where I can use it better. Maybe I can use it as a new nightstand. It’s a nice little cart I found at a yardsale but I just don’t want to use it in my studio anymore.  The quilt that’s tossed onto the quilt rack is my Robert Kaufman challenge quilt “Hopscotch Lane” from last year.

Honest Craftroom August 2015

Serger and Pfaff are best buds 🙂

Honest Craftroom August 2015   Anne looks lonely surrounded by TV tray pressing boards. 

Honest Craftroom August 2015

My ironing board has become another place to throw stuff.  Mostly has been back and forth area for things I take to guild. Some quilty mail is also piled up on the end with fabric I haven’t put away.

Honest Craftroom August 2015 And a nice view of the master bath thats attached to my studio.  It is also a mess! I could probably have a yard sale of just stuff from in there that I want to destash and get rid of. 

Honest Craftroom August 2015

My plan to fix this problem?

  1. Spend 15-20 minutes decluttering and cleaning an area. Set a timer. This way it’ll be more manageable and not feel overwhelming like I have to get it all done in one day.
  2. Anything that I don’t remember using in the last two years (minus fabric and books) should go into a destash or yardsale pile.
  3. Take an inventory of supplies like sewing machine needles, stabilizer, thread, rotary blades, seam rippers and the like so I know how much I have. Sales won’t be as tempting if I know I don’t need any for a while!
  4. Reorganize the closet to be more accessible and hold my UFOs easier (they are currently in ArtBin boxes).
  5. Rehome UFOs that I’m not in love with anymore.
  6. Hang up mini quilts for fun decor and get them out of boxes!

I want to be able to walk into my studio and feel welcome instead of dreading trying to find something. Here’s to cleaning up!


  1. Oh my gosh! I’m not the only one! I’m doing the same thing, 15-20 minutes at a time. However, due to a wreck, and slow moving, I have a dynamo friend coming to help me! You can’t get a better friend than that!
    Pokey Linda!

  2. I am rooting for you! Have fun going through everything and deciding to keep or get rid of. Rearranging for me is always fun. So have a great time!

  3. I can SO relate! We’re about to relocate and begin “snowbirding” in ID. My creative space looks like a bomb went off in it. I’ve been dragging EVERYTHING out to organize – 1/2 to go to ID, the other 1/2 to stay in FL. I’m in the home stretch and have a lot leftovers to go ??? somewhere. Hopefully I can find a good place to donate. You’re right on track with the inventory. I put things together in organizing bins with divided trays. Now everything has its place and I know at a glance what I “really” need. Good luck. Be sure to post your “after” pics 😀

  4. Totally off topic – but I love the fabric you chose for your curtains. It’s so cheerful!

    • Thanks! I had a heck of a time deciding on a fabric. I still want to do a new set since these don’t quite fit the windows of our new house.

  5. Just do baby steps, it eventually gets done.
    the secret is keeping it that way :~)

  6. I thought I was the only one who couldn’t get my sewing room organized, of course U have an excuse, I
    don’t, any way it makes me feel a bit better, now I saw yours.
    I’m so glad U are getting better, please take care

  7. I’m starting to organize, too. My office/studio pretty much exploded over the summer (I work from home in a non-crafty job, which doesn’t help since my work desk & reference stuff is in there too) and its a little overwhelming to try to figure out how to get it all in order. I’m approaching it the same way you are, just a little at a time. That way I hopefully won’t lose steam halfway through with things in a worse uproar than when I started!