Project Simplify – Did I Destash Enough?

The state of my studio is still in disarray.  I’m working on it as much as I can in between the myriad other things that have been going on.  Sadly, it hasn’t made a ton of progress and isn’t ready to sew in yet. As I unpack more and more boxes I keep wondering if I destashed enough stuff because it sure seems like I have a lot. There is a lot I don’t even remember purchasing, a lot of unopened things, new in package items that have never even been looked at.

Then there’s the fabric, the interfacing, the canvas, the batting – all bulky stuff taking up a lot of space. I know compared to a lot of quilters I don’t have a ton of fabric but to me it’s pretty overwhelming. I feel like it is a lot. I could make several dozen quilts and still have fabric leftover. The number of kits I have alone is staggering (well over 15). I don’t know if I should destash some fabric too or just organize it the best I can and start using it up. My plan is to use it up if I can manage a way to contain it all that won’t drive me crazy.

Before I can finish unpacking completely I have to paint one of my pegboards to a new color so I can hang that on the wall for my rulers. Then tack some nails on the wall for my design board to hang up.  Mount my TV on the wall with a small shelf for my Roku. Hang curtains. I have a lot of photo frames that need photos in them so I can put those on my walls too.


The Sewing room closet. It is pretty packed right now. I plan on sewing up some one hour baskets to organize a lot of the smaller things so it isn’t such a disaster when you open the door. Might also destash some things.


Bookcase for precuts, scrap jars and other things. My ironing board will likely also be in this area when I need it.


My sewing cabinet and quilting machine will be near each other. Right now the cabinet is pushed far against the wall to set other things up but it’ll end up being more centered under the window so I can look outside while I sew.


To the right of my sewing cabinet is my cutting table. I’m getting risers for it this weekend so it’ll be up higher. It was my old computer desk so it has a slot in the back for cables to be run when I’m doing other things like airbrush painting, ironing and the like. Cabinets can fit underneath for extra storage.


And the fabric cabinet. On top I’ve got a shelf of stuff that needs to be hung up or painted. Lots of frames for photos that need to be put somewhere else. My ribbon organizers, batting, canvas, and patterns are behind the door so when it is open you don’t see any of it.

After all of this I’m still wondering if I destashed enough. I don’t think I did. But maybe I just need to use up some of my stuff and over time I’ll make room so it isn’t so packed. I have several UFOs that would make room in the closet if I got them finished and a lot of embroidery blanks that can be used to make room there too.

I can’t wait to get all of this finished so I can start working again.

Here are some pics of the cuties:








  1. Wow, you do have a lot of stuff. Not so much fabric, but rather battings, etc. They will go away as you start sewing and using them up. I would not get rid of them if you plan on starting to sew soon.

  2. Verylazydaisy says:

    I agree, just start using it and it will work itself out. I know it’s hard, I’m one for a tidy sewing room too, but if you cull the fabrics you love for the sake of space, you may regret it.

  3. I don’t think you have too much. Once you start sewing again, it will start shrinking. My sewing area is a disaster, but I’m slowly getting it organized. Getting UFOs finished has helped too.

  4. Judith Klima says:

    I don’t think you have too much stuff, but, I also don’t think your organized to your maximum potential yet either. All in good time. You’ve had a lot of changes and been very busy. I would probably only destash only what you truly believe does not bring joy to your life.

  5. Get rid of the framed quilting puzzle if you feelings won’t be hurt. I understand about space being premium in a small home. HUGS! <3

  6. I have a different view from the other comments above. When I moved out of my sewing room and into the living room–along one wall–I limited myself to one bin of storage. I gave all the “fabric I was going to use some day” and various other do-dads to a charity that makes quilts for sick and needy children. I have not missed anything. It’s quite freeing. And especially because the fabric, etc. is being used for a great cause, I don’t feel any guilt for having released it. Now when I do a project, all the excess fabric goes into a gallon plastic baggy and gets delivered to the same charity. Every project is a fresh start and does not involve trying to “make it work.” If nothing else, you could figure out how much stash you need to make, say, three quilts and the rest is gonzo!

  7. I think you have de-stashed enough. Once you get things how you want it to be, you will be completing your UFO’s in no time, and starting new projects using your stash! Start with small goals of what you want to get done, and tell yourself you won’t get any new items until you use up a good amount of items from intended/new projects. You will find a way to use it all. Enjoy the process!

  8. Diane Rincon says:

    Whatever the reason, in my experience, it is good to not set up a quilt room quickly. And to be open to changes, reorganization if necessary. But I think I’m preaching to the choir. 8-))

  9. Donna Hill says:

    Your tortoise has grown! It makes me smile that you have a tortoise because he’s such an unusual pet!
    Hope you get back to sewing soon!

  10. Janet. martin says:

    My suggestion is to organize your sewing room the best you can so you can get in there to sew. I wouldn’t do anymore de-stashing at this time. Rather I would keep all that fabric in hopes of planning projects that will use it up. I do know the feeling of being overwhelmed by having too much stuff. My sewing room is a small bedroom, and I am at maximum capacity. Slowly but surely I am resisting buying anything, and am whittling away at my stash. Fabric/supplies are too expensive to just give away, unless it is something that when you look at it you say, “What in the world was I thinking?”
    Enjoy setting up your new home….it is a process and not a race.

  11. If you are a hobby sewer then I have to agree with Lisa’s comment. It certainly sounds like you have too much – especially if you have items you don’t even remember buying. It would be a weight on my mind if I had tons of fabric waiting to be used (although I am very much older than you with not as many sewing years left). If sewing is your business however that is quite different. You will need to stock a lot more to have a variety for your customers.

  12. KathyinMN says:

    Looking really good. When I moved, I destashed a bit, then let it sit for a few months, then organized a bit more. It’s ok to call it for now, and come back to it later.

  13. You are in the midst of resettling, everything is going to seem overwhelming including your stash. Get more settled, then make decisions. You can always get rid of things later on if you still feel you have too much.