89 – Settling The Corgi Cottage, Cruise, Divorce


I feel a little out of practice but I’ll get back into the swing of podcasting soon I think! I hope you enjoy this episode.  (Psst… listen to the very end for a bonus clip)

  • Tired of moving. Hopefully this is the last studio I setup for a while!  Customizing the closet, cutting table, pegboard, TV stand. Trying to arrange furniture in a way that makes sense.
  • Setting up the house – unique utensils, plates, aqua everywhere, home improvements, IKEA assembly master
  • Cruise! Some of my favorite pix:

Ah-Mazin Cruise - Royal Caribbean Navigator

Ah-Mazin Cruise - Royal Caribbean Navigator

Ah-Mazin Cruise - Royal Caribbean Navigator

Ah-Mazin Cruise - Royal Caribbean Navigator

Ah-Mazin Cruise - Royal Caribbean Navigator

Ah-Mazin Cruise - Royal Caribbean Navigator

New tattoo

  • Untitled
    Cornwallis Chronicles – winter setup, outdoor plans, growth
  • The divorce finalized
  • Destash reality – did I do enough?

Product Reviews

Tutto Sewing Machine Rolling Case

Contigo Vacuum Sealed Stainless Water Bottle

roku mount

slow feeder dog bowl

We didn’t playtest this at all

Prepac floating white desk




  1. Seriously… Why would you subscribe to a podcast for the third time when you didn’t like it in the previous two?! People are just stupid. Plain and simple. And the haters gonna hate…
    Gotta love IKEA! 🙂 I was surprised before when you said it was always a throat cutting adventure to assamble the furniture 🙂
    Hope you’ll be able to finalize things and get to working in the sewing room this weekend! 🙂
    About the tiny houses on youtube… Did you notice they have custom built-ins to the last square inch? I think that’s the only way of successfully storing a lot of things. That’s why they cost over $20K even though they are so small.
    It’s snowing here again 🙂
    It was so nice to hear your voice!

    • My bad reviews always confused me because it’s like people went out of their way to listen to a podcast they didn’t like. Anyway – yes the IKEA assembly isn’t bad when you’ve got someone that wants to actually help put it together. The house is coming along!

      Stay warm up there!

  2. Hi Katie, Lauren here…..one of your “older” followers….kind of like a spare Mom. I am glad to hear on your podcast that you are settling in well. Some kindly advice – I am happy that you recognized your emotional purchasing of the past and vow not to do it in the future. Very healthy progress I would say. De-stash, trash or donate things you know you will never get to. I do this once a year – not just quilting supplies, but the house in general. We all move on and grow over time and eliminating “stuff” helps in this process. Looking forward to photos and quilty updates in the future. Cheers!

    • Thanks Lauren! The destash advice is excellent. Definitely something I need to do annually throughout my house. I’m not a packrat but I do hold on to things I don’t use often or need.

  3. So good to hear your voice again! Glad you are settling in–love your tattoo and enjoyed the podcast!

  4. So glad you are back to podcasting and moving on with life.

  5. Is the guy in the second picture above your new Friend? Nice-looking man in great shape!

    • He is! His name is John. We’ve been seeing eachother for a while. My parents like him a lot! The corgis and tortoise also approve.