Finished – One Hour Basket

Now that my studio is together I have a lot of baskets I need to make to hold all the little things in my closet! I browsed several tutorials and settled on The One Hour Basket. The One Hour Basket is a free pattern available on Craftsy by Hearts and Bees.  It would make a great Easter basket too if you want to prepare early! There are lots of variations people have done to the basket but I wanted to see how simple the original was to make before throwing wrenches into the mix.

One hour basket

Cutting out the pieces took longer than making the actual basket. I had handles leftover from a previous project so I decided to repurpose those into this and save myself a step. The handles wouldn’t have been difficult to make if you wanted to stick to the pattern though.

One hour basket

I used my clover clips to pin the layers together for stitching. Everything is straight seams and you’re working with 5/8″ seam, 1/2″ seam and 1/4″ seam. Pfaff makes a great little foot with all the different seam width markings so I don’t have to move my needle at all.  I don’t know if other sewing machine manufacturers have feet like that but I recommend finding one!

One hour basket

One hour basket

One hour basket

Things I’d do differently on my next basket:

  • Use fusible fleece or some sort of interfacing.  The pattern does call for it but I didn’t find any in my closet so I used regular batting with some 505 spray to hold it to the outer basket fabric.  It will work well enough for my purposes but if you really want something with structure you will need some sort of interfacing in there.
  • Add interior pocket(s) to hold small items.
  • Maybe make some without handles just to hold things in my closet where I don’t need handles.
  • Embroider a fun motif on the outside fabric.

I really enjoyed making this basket and the instructions were easy to follow. I’d say it took me about an hour start to finish. Definitely press your basket well when you are finished to get those crisp edges!


  1. I have some real Russian stacking dolls to go with it! LOL! I like it.

  2. You studio looks great, love that toy have a nice view to feed your soul. The little baskets are so cheerful, I can see that it is easy to get hung up on them.

  3. The basket looks great. Love the fabrics you chose.

  4. Love the color choices.

  5. So glad that you are posting more now–I always enjoy reading/viewing your blog and hearing your podcasts, which I listen to at least three times each.

  6. I love the fabrics you chose! I’m going to make a few of them for my craft room too.

  7. I love this basket and thanks for the tip about using fusible fleece for more structure! 🙂

  8. I put handles on the sides of the One Hour Baskets I made which make them, IMO, a little more functional. Take a look at this post: I don’t talk about moving the handles, but you can see photos.