Studio 3.0 – Reveal!

This weekend I worked hard on getting my studio finished so I could start quilting and sewing again. Most of Saturday I spent unpacking the last few boxes, organizing some of the larger items and hanging up some artwork. I still have a few things I want to hang on the walls but my room is functional now!

Studio 3.0

My quilting station. This is my Pfaff Powerquilter 16.0 (basically a Handiquilter Sweet Sixteen). I also have a scrapbooking rolling caddy I use to organize some fabrics for a UFO.

Studio 3.0

My fabric cabinet. This is a Prepac cabinet and all my yardage fits in here. I need to reorganize and fold a lot of things but for now it’s safely stored away.

Studio 3.0

The door to my studio, my fabric cabinet with the doors closed, the cotton thread holder on the side holds my Aurifil threads and you can see a corner of my cutting table.

Studio 3.0

My cutting/pressing area. The table is my old desk on bed risers to give it enough height to be comfortable cutting at for long periods of time. This also opens up a lot of storage area underneath. I may get cabinets or something to make it better organized down there since it looks a little messy. It works for now. The three drawer cabinet holds a lot of my notions.

Studio 3.0

My bookshelf for scraps, precuts and doodads! I have a lot of cute stuffed animals on my bookshelf, some were given to me by friends, some I made myself and some I purchased. My scraps are organized into Penny Candy Jars by color and the one on the very top holds selvages and the ties that come off of precut bundles.

Studio 3.0

The sewing cabinet fits neatly along one wall. My window overlooks the front yard. I do plan on trimming back the large elephant ear plant obstructing my view. I can see the river from my studio!

Studio 3.0

View from the door. At night it is very bright with the LED lighting from the fan.

Not pictured is my closet which is organized but incredibly full of supplies. First on my list of things to make is a bunch of one hour baskets to organize a lot of the stuff in my closet. Then I’ve got a long awaited commission I need to work on with show dog ribbons. I’m keeping notes in my notebook of quilt design ideas in the meantime and I have a pretty good inkling what my next original quilt project will be.

In the meantime I’m pondering a few things in regards to being minimalist and being a quilter. Fitting minimalist principles into quilting has been a fun thing to think about. I also need to do a new UFO confessional and make decisions on what UFOs I’m keeping to finish, purging or repurposing. That’ll be a fun blog post.


  1. Cathy Gwozdz says:

    Your studio looks fantastic ! I need to work on mine !

  2. Everything looks great and I’m so glad you are ready to sew and blog again.

  3. Fabulous job Katie. The light coming in during the day will be fantastic. Need some security blinds for at night so no one can see you there on your own in the evenings. The room is very functional they way have chosen to lay it out. Great!

  4. Very nicely done, and love the natural light!

    One idea to conceal the stuff under the cutting table is a fabric skirt or curtain that could be attached to the edge of the table. It could just be temporary, but since you make everything look so awesome, it might end up being permanent. 🙂

  5. Looks fantastic! Enjoy!

  6. Wow, your studio came together really nicely Katie! I love the way it’s organized, and everything is tucked away. A job well done! Can’t wait to see what you’ll be working on next!

  7. Great job! I wish mine was that organized 🙂