90 – Pattern Review, Quiltcon thoughts, Studio Setup and UFO Confessional


I review the One Hour Basket pattern, share my thoughts on QuiltCon winners, my UFO Confessional after digging around in my closet, finalizing my Studio setup, Airbrush Machine fun and some product reviews.

One hour basket

One Hour Basket

UFO Confessional

My Super Mario pixel quilt – one of my many UFOs


Cornwallis having a soak

Items Reviewed this Episode:

Quilters Hangup review

Nest Thermostat 2nd Generation

Kiss I Envy Lash Glue

72 Slot Pencil Multi-Layer Case


Elume Makeup Removing Cloth



  1. I think we all get to a point where we have to face our UFOs. I did that a few years ago (See my thoughts at: http://www.artquiltmaker.com/blog/tag/26-projects/ ) and found 26. That was frightening. It turned out that once I looked through my fabric closet, that I had a lot of old projects that I needed to deal with. Mostly, I dealt with them, but there are a few hanging around that are old and I just can’t decide what to do with them. I still have UFOs, but they are newer and I am trying to finish the newer projects in a timely manner. We’ll see what happens.

    The background for your Mario quilt is really great.

    Amen, sister! I love WonderClips/Clover clips.

    It isn’t really true that quilts aren’t used for political messaging. Quilts have always had political messages sprinkled in since at least the late 1890s when women were raising money for temperance causes. Here are some examples: http://usualdays.blogspot.com/2008/11/political-quilts.html. In the 90s artquiltmaking started to have more of a presence and there were a lot of quilts made with political messages. I made two quilts about 9/11 and one about the first Gulf war. Perhaps you meant that political quilts hadn’t been part of the modern quiltmaking movement thus far?

    I was kind of shocked at how many ‘art’ quilts were in the QuiltCon show. They are not functional, but perhaps, as you said, the definition of a modern quilt is in flux or changing.

    I think that judging process was poorly represented on blogs. I think, somehow, a lot of misinformation got out and was perpetuated. I think that judging in general is a difficult process to do and understand. I think the MQG is in a state of flux and the judging represents that. There were so many improv quilts in Pasadena. I suppose that made for a cohesive show, but a lot of the quilts looked the same.

    I used Soft & Stable in my One Hour Baskets and I even sewed smaller pieces together, which was fine. They have a lot of stability. I liked the options that you suggested and may try a different one next time. They are a great size.

    I think the new ‘review’ might have been in the last podcast, but what a ^itch. Why bother leaving a one star review? If I don’t like a podcast, I just don’t listen. Sigh.

    What about an ironing board that is stored in the wall? They used be a feature of all kitchens, but perhaps they are still available.

    Re: Tiny houses – do you think you might add on to your house at some point? I don’t know how big your yard is. I am imagining a huge yard. HA!

    Perhaps you could Scotchguard the rug and then take it to the dry cleaners on a regular basis?

    Re: spinny clippy thing for FQs. Ifyou still have it, why not send people to the podcast where you talked about that product. You were very enthusiastic at the time? (This may be from the previous podcast)

    I like your makeup reviews. I feel like you are a real person and I get some good real life ideas.

    I can see where having a wifi enabled thermostats would be a great idea with pets. I have heard about a lot of problems with Nest thermostats. Have you heard about those issues? What do you think?

    I know your ex moved out of state. Does he want to see the pets at all? Custody battles?

    I am sorry you haven’t sold the house yet. I hope that it will be off your plate soon. Are you thinking of renting it at all?

    I think you are right in not changing your name on your labels. It is part of your history. You could put your new name somewhere on the old quilts if you wanted to create continuity.

    Glad to hear your health is good. Thanks for taking the time to podcast and for being brave!