A few finishes, a guild meeting and pet updates

I’ve been enjoying working on some small projects lately while organizing my sewing room. I had a desparate need to put a lot of small notion items into containers so the One Hour Basket was my cute container of choice. It has been a lot of fun digging through my favorite fabric stashes to create baskets that I will use quite often. I highly recommend this pattern (it’s FREE on Craftsy) if you ever wanted to make baskets! I’ve been using Decor-Bond (Pellon 809) interfacing inside instead of fleece and I like it better than the batting basket I made originally so I think I’m going to just stick to the Decor-Bond.  The baskets are still lightweight with it but hold their shape quite well.


While going through my UFOs I realized this was a quilt I hadn’t hung up yet so I found a spot in my bedroom and put it up there so I can see it every day. My Wander quilt is one of my favorite little spur-of-the-moment projects.


This was a UFO that just needed binding and hanging loops to be finished! Now it’s done and ready to go on Etsy. This was sitting in a plastic bin for at least two years waiting for binding to be put on. Glad that’s finished!


My Modern Quilt Guild volunteered to work on a Love Quilt Project as our charity quilt this Spring. An elementary school sends the guild little fabric squares that students drew bright pictures on and we are tasked to create log cabin blocks using the fabric squares as the center. We chose to do a rainbow striped log cabin quilt for our squares. It was a good “beginner” project back in the saddle for me to work on with my guildies. We got the quilt top done at our March meeting and all it needs is borders before it goes to be quilted by another one of our members. After it is finished it will be going to an orphan in Africa.



When I’m not in my sewing room I’ve been working on finishing up some other projects around the house. We are getting our tankless water heater swapped out from an electric one to a propane tankless and that has required way more time to schedule than I anticipated. I’ll be so excited to take a bath in my house though! The electric tankless can’t really put out enough power to heat the water very well so showers have been it for now. I’ve also been planting a lot of stuff for Cornwallis to have home grown flowers and weeds this summer and I’ve begun transitioning him to his outdoor habitat.  It’s been a busy time!


He loves his bathtime though! Especially when I take him outside for it when it’s warm enough. I’m pretty sure cool weather has gone for good this year so we are headed towards rainy season.


The latest book I’m slowly reading is Into Thin Air about the 1996 Everest disaster. I’m kind of an Everest documentary junkie so this has been fun reading the book and getting into details that weren’t covered in the movies I’ve seen about it.


Hoping to get a podcast out sometime this week! There’s a lot to talk about.


  1. Love your turtle! When I saw your posts about freshening up your sewing space, I was encouraged to do mine. Plus I just finished Into Thin Air in January. We seem to be on a like schedule. Good post.

    • Cool!! Glad my motivation inspired you to do something new with your sewing space. Any recommendations on what to move on to next once I finish this book?

  2. Amy Laura says:

    I’ll be waiting for that podcast! I really love the guild quilt. What a great idea, and something I could do with some of the classes at my school. Maybe not my first graders though. First graders aren’t actually very good at drawing yet! (Not that I would EVER tell them that!) Do you have any contact information for where you are sending the quilt, or the organization that you are working with?

    The quilting on the Wander quilt just makes my heart sing….and I’m not really a quilting junkie. More of a piecing junkie. Great job! So glad to see you back in the sewing chair.

    • Our guild president is handling the details but as far as I know you can e-mail the Love Quilt Project directly and get information on how to participate. This would be fun to see your class do! From what I understand the class is updated on their quilt progress and also given information on who receives it in the end.


      The complete package includes a lesson plan, fabric squares, photos, video and directions to help your student create their message. (Required fabric markers not included.) ”


      Making notes to do the podcast very soon 🙂

  3. Fabulous post. Just like you I am also an Everest junkie. I can’t watch or read enough about that mountain. I just finished the book a second time also. I listen to the book on tape while piecing my million projects. Your little doggie looks like a bunny in the picture😍-so cute😍

  4. One of my favorite books EVER. I’ve read it and listened to it twice.