91 – TV Appearance, New Logo, The Minimalist Quilter, Saying No


logoMy daytime TV appearance! How it happened, prep and the actual taping

Revamp of logos and podcast intro – music from Incomptech Royalty Free Music

The Minimalist Quilter

  • What I cleaned out/destashed
  • My plan for future projects
  • Design changes
  • UFO decisions
  • Fabric purchases
  • Etsy plans
  • Commissions – saying no
  • Embroidery machine

The Minimalist Documentary review – depression/anxiety issues, getting rid of stuff,

Finished! Dog show ribbon quilt.  Airbrush process, thoughts on working with show ribbons

Almost finished! Butterfly feather quilt

Bamboo challenge pillow

Gemology pillow

Rainbow paper pieced pillow

Boundless fabric review

Cornwallis Updates


Answering Your Questions!




  1. I love the new design and logo. So bright and happy looking! Glad to hear you sounding so happy and I’m grateful to have been the recipient of all that thread and stabilizer. I’m using it to practice my embroidery.

  2. Sandy Grogg says:

    Oh my… Did I just hear you say you were living as if you were sixth, and unable to fo anything? What is wrong with you? .. You have just insulted millions of us… I’m afraid this was my first, and possibly last time listening to you..

    I am 73, and still do plenty…. I kerp house, quilt, attend guild meetings, am active at church,,, should I go on?

    Just wait until you are older…. Your perspective will be very different, believe me…

    • My ex considered anything over 50 basically old and I was quoting what I said to him to reach his perspective. I’m sorry you’ve taken it personally and I completely understand if you don’t want to ever listen to me again.

      • Anonymous says:

        Katie… I’ve calmed down, and want you to know that I am enjoying your podcast… I like that you understand the value of doing things the way thst makes you happy…. Sandy

  3. I will be 60 later this year and do not take offense when someone mentions my age to me.
    I am so thankful because there was a time in my life that I did not think I would live to be 30.
    I celebrate each moment, day and year.
    I love you Katie and am so very proud of you.

    • Anonymous says:

      I do not mind having my age known, or mentioned….. What upset me, was the notion that nice you are sixty, you become useless…. Which obviously is not the case… I understand now, that thus us not Katie’s belief…and I am glad, because she has a very interesting and easy to listen to podcast…

  4. Hi Katie: thanks for the long podcast. You are so right about the importance of the location of one’s sewing space. For a long time, my sewing space was a spare bedroom in the back of the house. I came to realize that I wasn’t sewing as much because I felt isolated back there, especially when my husband was in the living room. Also, I was sharing the room with the washer and dryer, which was noisy. We had the idea for me to move my sewing space to the living room along the wall behind the couch. I downsized a few things to make this work. Along the wall is my cutting table and my sewing table and some bins beneath. It’s perfect. I sew a lot more now because I can be in the same room as my husband, have better light, and it’s just all around a better environment. You got me thinking about kayaking up here in Idaho. Thanks for the info regarding canoes v kayaks 🙂 Also wondering if you sold your previous house. We are thinking of going to Disney World sometime in the future, and I recall that you go from time to time. Next time you go, would you do a little Disney World review. Thanks again, and hope you have a great summer.

  5. I recently started catching up on my quilting podcasts. It seems I have missed a great deal where you are concerned!! You are a strong woman – it takes one to see you are not happy and to work toward happiness! Good on you!! It was a pleasure listening to you today. I purge my studio about once every year or two and it always feels good – I even include UFOs that I don’t enjoy any more. It seems there is always someone that would love to give it a new home. Thanks for taking the time to record!

  6. I stumbled across your podcast tonight while hand binding and really enjoyed it. I like hearing about your perspectives on minimalism and happiness. I’ve just recently found a speech / book on Audible called The Desire Map that was quite good on focusing on the emotions you want to feel rather than the end result / goal and it’s been quite good. The author is completely wacko, but bits and pieces of the book are golden.

    I admit I laughed out loud when you said “What works for Leah Day won’t necessarily work for you.” Yep, you’re totally right! I tell quilters that all the time!