Dog Show Ribbon Quilt, Gemology and WIP

I’ve been working off and on with various projects and I feel like I’m making a lot of progress in several things that have been sitting around for years. I also finished the dog show ribbon quilt!

I became stalled on the dog show ribbon quilt project when it was time to airbrush the rosettes.  They were brown and red and didn’t pop off of the background enough so I’d planned from the beginning to airbrush paint them with metallic fabric paint to create an interesting motif in the center. I’ve airbrushed a few things now and know the basics but I still find myself spending 30-45 minutes adjusting the air compressor or airbrush gun to get everything running properly before I can get actual work done. It’s frustrating and I was dreading it. I finally decided one night to get it out of the way as I was hand stitching the binding on and it became the very last thing I needed to do to finish it.

The airbrush machine did give me some problems but I got it running after a bit. I think the frustration was worth it! I love how the rosettes came out.
WIP May 2016

I hand stitched them onto the quilt and finished binding. It was finally done! Even though it is a small wall quilt I put a lot of thought into each part of it. I don’t think I’ll ever do another show ribbon quilt given how slippery they are but this was a fun challenge for me.

WIP May 2016

WIP May 2016

When I got the notice about going on the Daytime TV show I decided to whip up a quick pillow to take with me so I’d have two pillows to show. I looked for a fun paper pieced pattern and decided on the Gemology block that I’ve seen floating around for a few years. I really enjoyed working with this one. I used Boundless solids and some of my Cotton + Steel basics. I think they coordinate very well together. This pillow is all finished I just haven’t had a chance to photograph it yet so here are the work in progress photos. WIP May 2016

WIP May 2016

I’ve been finishing up some design elements on the butterfly quilt in my spare time. They needed antenna and the first suggestion I got was to hand stitch them on. I didn’t like that idea and a few weeks ago I realized I could just use hotfix crystals as antenna. Felt good pulling out my hotfix crystal iron and playing! Now all I have to do is add my label and bind it and this one will be done. I may add a sleeve too. I love my quilting on it but I don’t think it will ever qualify to be a show quilt because of a lot of obvious errors I made as a beginner with this pattern. I still love it though. Might hang it up at work.

Last weekend I cleaned and stained my deck! I felt really accomplished finishing that project. Hoping it’ll last over the summer looking nice.

Lastly – I’ll be recording a new podcast this weekend and I want you guys to ask me questions to answer! Leave comments here or in my Instagram post. Or Facebook. Just wherever I can get them really!

Recording a new podcast episode this weekend! Leave questions for me to answer in the comments below! A photo posted by Katie Vickery (@magnoliafly) on


  1. Colleen says:

    I have a lot of quilts and would like to try to sell them Do you have any suggestions other than Ebay or Etsy? I haven’t done any selling on either of them. Would Craigs list be worth it? Thanks. Katie….Love your blog and podcasts.


  2. Do you have a link for the gemology paper-pieced pattern?

  3. That ribbon quilt turned out to be amazing Katie! It was a great idea to airbrush them, thry have a luscious look now. I remember seeing your duamond pillow in your tv segment, it is gorgeous. You guys did a great job with the deck, it looks like new! Can’t wait to hear your next podcast! 🙂

  4. That ribbon quilt is the most awesome quilt I have ever seen–beyond amazing!!

    Question: your hair is so beautiful: what is your hair routine/products?

    Question: What do you eat on a typical day?

    Question: what kind of music do you like to listen to?