92 – UFO Progress, Tips, Videos, Paper piecing


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  1. UFOs ugh! Not sure which one to do next! Must do one next month.

    As for wisdom teeth, had all 4 out at 14 or 15… Wouldn’t recommend it then either. I have missing memories for a couple weeks due to the haze I lived in for 3 weeks! But removing them does solve the headaches….

    • And since I commented while listening I missed the question about video or audio… I typically listen on my phone, so anything video means that is all I can do in my phone. So I much prefer audio only.

      I do like videos for tutorials! Love your binding tutorial! Learned something new

  2. Hi Katie
    Thanks for the binding tutorial, looks very easy
    Prefer audio podcasts but ok with either
    Hope you don’t give up your podcast as I enjoy them very much 😊😊

  3. Hey girlfriend, great to hear your voice again! I will have to listen again as I forgot half of what I wanted to comment on already, LOL! Getting old! I love the audio version as I can listen to it while driving or working. I love your video tutorials also. However, considering that it’s costing you money to do audio you’d definity not lose me as a listener if you decided to go the vlog way. One more vlog to watch while having breakfast 🙂 I’ll be back with the rest aftef I re-listened 🙂 Hope you are doing well! Xo

  4. Amy Laura says:

    What a full and wonderful podcast! I’m so thrilled that you are back on the quilting train, full speed ahead. I took notes so I could actually remember what I was thinking 😊

    Orca Bay…if you want it to be queen size, make your borders bigger than Bonnie’s. I followed her pattern and it was too small, maybe ok for double.

    Since you asked, I much prefer podcasts. I have very limited internet download, so videos are off limit except at work. Also, I like to listen while I sew. Even though I love The Stitch TV Show, I usually only listen to the audio feed.

    Thanks for the MeUndies review. As a bigger girl myself, I’ve hesitated to take the plunge because I’ve only heard skinny-minny people review. Good to know that you love them!

    Keep on quilting!

    • Thanks for the border tip! Maybe I’ll do a double or triple border then and really get rid of some fabrics I’ve had sitting around. I’ve got some batiks that might work beautifully for this.

      Glad you found my review helpful! If you use my link you can save 20% on your first pair and try them out.

  5. Having listened to your explanation as to why you are contemplating replacing podcasts with vlogs I think you should give it a trial run for 6 months maybe. We can listen to you whilst crafting then go back and view when we have downed tools,either way we get to keep hearing you talk about your life and what’s happening. I love getting an email teling me you have put something up for us, the binding tutorial was simply brilliant. There seems to be long intervals between quilts for me and when I get to the finishing I can’t remember how I did it last time.
    Your longtime followers will stay with you Katie. You are great fun to listen to when you are happy and healthy and when you go through the bad patches we are supporting you all the way.
    In the end you must do what is best for you.

  6. Diane Rincon says:

    Hi Katie! I agree with everything Cheryl said. Everything!

  7. Lisa of Boise says:

    Hi Katie:
    When it comes to vlogging v podcasting, please take the path of least resistance. Most of us can listen to a vlog on our phone. I actually listen and don’t watch most youtubes anyway. If podcasting is becoming a dreaded chore, then we will hear from you less, and none of us want that! 🙂

  8. Hi Katie, Loved your newest podcast – yours is one of my absolute favorites. I do prefer podcasts since I listen while commuting, but I certainly would make the effort to view a vlog rather than not hear from you at all! I hope that the content would stay similar as I love hearing about the Corgis, your house, life updates, etc., as well as the quilting!! You do what’s best for you … and as Lisa said – we don’t want to hear from you any less! o:)

  9. VerylazyDaisy says:

    Hey Katie! I’m enjoying this episode and wanted to comment while it’s fresh in my mind. On the subject of quilting with sheets as backing, one thing to think about is, as you said, the thread count. When the “rule” was made years ago by the Quilt Police about not using sheets, what was commonly available as bedding was much different than what was available in quilt shops.
    As long as you’re aware of what you’re using/buying, and you’re as choosy with the sheets as you are the fabrics, sheet backing is TOTALLY FINE. Even on a longarm.
    Even if you want to use a higher thread count, it’s possible. I do it all the time. Think about how we use batiks on the back.. They are similarly tightly woven. So when using a higher thread count sheet, make the tension adjustments you normally would for batiks.

  10. VerylazyDaisy says:

    Feedback: For what it’s worth, I prefer audio podcasts. I rarely have time to watch anything, and when I do, it’s Netflix. I don’t really do vidcasts anymore.
    I LOVE having you to listen to on my walks and other daily tasks; longarming, dishwashing, sewing.