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Pioneer Quest – A year in the real west

Atlanta Engagement Trip

Atlanta Engagement Trip


  1. Wow, the QuiltyBox kitchen items sound right up my alley! Let me know about the pattern – I need some decent kitchen potholders/oven mitts. I just bought some super cheap ones at the dollar store until I can find some that I really like well enough to spend good money on….the cheap ones aren’t very heat resistant.

  2. Lane Orchards is located in Fort Valley, GA.

  3. Please can you unsubscribe to this blog, thanks. There is nowhere on the website I can see to do this

    • If you go to the bottom of the email notification you get in your inbox you can click unsubscribe.

    • Hey girlfriend,
      Some thoughts after listening, this time I took notes. Proud of me? 🙂
      Actually I have to disagree with the fabrics.com customer service review as I had very good experience with them. In my recent order they divided the package into 2 shipments, and I was missing some things. I called them, and they sent them again right away. Then the next day the second box arrived with my missing things. A few days later I got the reshipped stuff in the mail 🙂 So what I’m saying it’s not always bad.
      I like the idea of using the colored denim pieces in a regular denim quilt to give it some life. And I agree, it’s a very strange quilty box, I would’ve been bummed, too. I know a lot of people are subscribed, and I saw some unboxing on youtube in the past, maybe you can find some more ideas in other people’s blogs?
      I know how much you like Gone with the Wind so I can only imagine how thrilled you were ro see the author’s house. That was a very memorable gesture from John (and extremely thoughtful) to organize that trip. It shows how much he cares about you. And that just made me cry 🙂 Hi John! 🙂 I know you’re reading! And yes, it would be lovely to hear a John interview!
      I totally agree with you on the wedding situation, and listening to you reminds me of one of the Minimalists podcasts where they were talking about debt and how many people go into $50K-$100K debt for a wedding day. It still could be a great memory without paying it back for the next 15 years. I’m sure your family and friends would like a nice party just as much!

      • Yay a long note comment!

        I’m so glad Fabric.com seems to have gotten their act back together. I really loved the bundles I got recently and it’s much more affordable than other remnant deals that I’ve done.

        The gone with the wind proposal was just absolutely romantic as could be. I was already thrilled to be there with him on such a special trip and this put it over the top. I couldn’t believe several people kept the secret for weeks!

      • You’re right, Kati R…I *am* reading this. 🙂

        Thank you (and everyone else) for the kind words.

  4. Congratulations on your engagement! Good on you for being proud of the happiness in your life! I have been listening to your podcast for several months and I always comment in my head because I am commuting when I listen to podcasts 🙂
    However today I wanted to let you know that I share your “disappointment” with the latest quilty box… however I have to be honest (and this is my forth or fifth box):every time I had the same initial “well… that is really not something I would buy, what do I do with that” and then I always found myself surprisingly happy to use almost all the things in the box! I found out that I don’t hate poly thread as much as I thought, I found my favorite ruler from a brand that I would have never thought I like and in general I end up liking the projects and ideas that I make with the different products! Plus there is always a good amount of fabric inside, which I really appreciate even if it may not be always my style. I can always find a use for any fabric!!
    For example, I didn’t know what to make with the denim either… until you gave me a great idea: sew together bags! I made several of those with fabric in the past and I have few on my list for Xmas presents so I may as well use this thicker fabric, no interfacing and maybe some embroidery details to customize them for each recipient! Will it work? I don’t know!! But that’s the beauty of these kind of boxes: they force you to think outside of your box 😉
    They are pretty expensive, so maybe I will stop at some point, but for now I am happy about them even when I am not so thrilled initially. Just wanted to share my experience!
    Thanks for making my commute cheerful, fun and inspirational!!

    • Good to know – I haven’t seen many of the previous quilty boxes so I wasn’t sure what to expect. I don’t think I’ll continue to subscribe. Making a sew together bag out of the denim is a great idea though! Maybe with some cute embellishment it would look very nice.

  5. Hi Katie- I am so glad you found happiness with a great guy. You deserve it! Thanks for a great podcast.

  6. Yes, Katie miracles still happen – we DID keep John’s secret.
    We should get GOLD stars for being successful in keeping the secret!
    Hopefully, we earned some brownie points with John! ROFLOL!

  7. Lisa of Boise says:

    Hi Katie: when I got married (2nd time), we opted for a very small private ceremony. I still bought a real wedding dress because I knew it wouldn’t feel like a real wedding to me if I wasn’t wearing one. A few flowers, a 6-inch cake, a quiet setting….These days, I actually dread getting wedding invitations: getting dressed up, clomping around in heels, tiresome receptions, bridal registry, etc. Listening to your podcast, I could really relate to what you were saying about having a partner who shares life with you–including chores and everyday stuff. You two sound super-compatible, a natural fit. Making a choice of a marriage partner from a position of strength and wisdom is so much better than who we usually pick when we are 20 years old! I am so blessed with my compatible man, 7th wedding anniversary next month–it just gets better. Anyway, best wishes to you both and praying for a beautiful life for you two.

  8. I wanna say congrats on the engagement!!! Let know one tell you who or when you should be doing something. If you are happy wit it go for it. I am so happy to see you being happy in a long long time. There is no right way to live our lives than don’t be stupid. Live it up girlfriend, Can’t wait to hear all about and see the pictures. My husband and I didn’t do it traditional either. He was in the process of the divorce when we started dating. But then again, we were friends for years before we hooked up. 2 years of being engaged, no big hurry for us to g’t married. Both sides have expressed that they had enough cake. when we finally eloped it was a date that we had nothing going on and it was a cool date to us. That was Halloween 2 years ago… It’s all about you being happy. And He certain has put that smile on you!!!! You go Girl!!!

  9. Hello Katie (&John!)

    Just a quick message to say, really enjoyed the podcast, what a amazing man you have found! So happy for you. Goodness, really don’t worry what people think, if you are happy and in love, shout it from the roof tops!! Sending love to you both, Emma x

  10. Congratulations again, Katie & John! (I saw the news on IG first). I am so very, very happy for you both and look forward to seeing/hearing more of John in the future! I enjoyed hearing all about the Margaret Mitchell house too! I also would have been bummed with the Quilty Box contents o:( – very expensive not to be happy with it. I’ll have to look into the Fabric.com bundles (not that i need any more fabric, but a good price is hard to resist – and I love surprises)