Spending time with Betty and Veronica my vintage Singer machines

It’s been very dreary and rainy this past week, moreso than the typical tropical Florida summer thunderstorm weather. The corgis and I have been entertaining ourselves indoors. I pulled out my Singer 221 Featherweight (Veronica) to play with while I was watching TV. I haven’t used it in over a year so it needed some oiling before working smoothly. Still sews like a dream! One of my old UFO projects is getting some work done on it while I catch up on my shows – this is an I Spy quilt made with hexagons and triangles. Once I get all of the triangles sewn on I will do a count and decide how many hexies go into each row and how many rows I need.  I’m guessing it’s going to be a pretty big quilt. Fun to do some mindless piecing on in the evenings after work.

I joined a new swap a few weeks ago on Instagram (Over the Rainbow themed) and started progress on my first Sew Together Bag. I think I’m the last person to make one. In preparation I went through some of my scraps to make some quilt-as-you-go outer panels for the bag. I ended up making two panels – one I will be keeping and the other for my swap partner.

I cut up a Riley Blake rolly poly and I like the effect it gave on the bag. I haven’t taken a photo of the embellishment I added but I’ll do a catchup post when I get further into the pattern. Bags always make me nervous because it’s a 3D object and I’m not too experienced making them. The Sew Together Bag has a decent tutorial written over at The Quilt Barn so I’m confident I can tackle this.

I went to IKEA recently hunting for a little stool for my Singer 201-2 (Betty) and found something perfect. This is a cork stool that I snagged in the discontinued section for $20. It’s comfortable enough to sew on for a few hours which is likely all I’ll be doing in there since I don’t want to setup a full station with iron/ironing board, cutting mat etc. Just using the machine to do a lot of piecing when I need a change of setting. The corgis enjoy looking out the window and I get to watch the river.


I have a lot of flying geese to sew up leftover from this UFO project. I’m not sure what I will turn these into but I have a few design ideas floating around in my head. Or I may just sew more Ohio star blocks to go with this quilt and make it larger. I have elephants cut out from all different colors and planned on doing an interesting applique border with them but now I’m not sure. I may use them in a separate quilt.  The elephant one needs a border or something to tie it together before I quilt and list it on Etsy. I think it’ll make a cute baby quilt. It’s been satisfying getting progress done on several UFOs. Even though I don’t feel like I have much sewing time these days every 20-30 minutes makes a difference. I have three quilts I still need to photograph when the weather lets up and I can get my quilt holder home before the sun goes down to take them.

This is my boyfriend John and I together. I know I’ve briefly spoken about him in the podcast but I don’t think I’ve shared many photos of him yet.

Man crush Thursday? ❤️ @whatjohnsnaps #mcm

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Bernie had her regular nail trim this past weekend and she loves car rides. My vet has to do it since she won’t let me touch her feet.

Off to nail trims! She loves adventures #pembrokewelshcorgi #corgi #happycorg #corgisgonnacorg A photo posted by Katie V. (@magnoliafly) on

I’ve been doing some vanity organization and found this great jewelry rack at Hobby Lobby.

Quilt on!


  1. bobbi dougherty says:

    The baby quilt idea is good. I like it so pretty. Love all the photos too. Where is the a Hobby Lobby around here? Thanks

    • Bobbi – I was up in Gainesville to see my parents for a birthday lunch and ended up browsing one up there. I think the closest one to us in Tampa is either New Port Richey or Lakeland (who has two of them!?).

  2. You are definitely not the last person to make a Sew Together Bag! I have the zippers and the pattern and still haven’t made one.
    Also, what about an elephant border around one corner? I think it needs more elephants. Of course, it is not my quilt, but that is what I’d do.

    • I need to lay it out and see how it looks with the elephants I cut out. Maybe around one corner won’t look strange. This quilt was definitely improvised from the beginning so I don’t have much of a plan.

      I’m excited to share my sew together bag progress.

  3. You need to tell me the name of the song that’s playing on the scrap jar video :)) John is a keeper with his Samsung phone, woohoo!! And no, you’re not the last one making a sew together bag. Guess who hasn’t got the courage to start one just yet! 😀

    • I don’t know what was playing on Spotify when I shot it! I wish I knew the name. (I’ve been trying to convince John to get an iPhone but I don’t think he will now that he knows you’re a Samsung fan too).

      I can’t wait to talk about the Sew Together Bag experience! Good or bad.