Finished – Two Sew Together Bags and a Pumpkin

I’ve been working on a handful of different things all at once lately. Several UFOs are making progress as I pull them out and I’ve finished my swap items for the Instagram Over The Rainbow Swap that I joined in August. For that I decided to try my hand at the ever popular Sew Together Bag and see how I’d fare.

Things I liked about this pattern: 

  • The zipper compartment interior was pretty easy to do.
  • The outer piece is very easy to customize and enables you to make your bag look super different each and every time
  • There is no turning things inside out or “birthing” like some bags require because of the way the binding is attached
  • It’s a big bag

Things I found challenging about this pattern:

  • The side tab instructions made zero sense to me so I kinda winged it. Mine ended up being short but still works. I wish there was a visual provided on how the tabs are done. I may try a different method next time.
  • The binding size is a little too wide for my taste I think. I may try 2″ binding next time and see if that leaves a cleaner finish for machine binding. I know some people attach by hand to avoid any bulk and to make the exterior prettier.
  • When creating my outer bag piece I didn’t think about what would actually display on the finished bag. A third of the fabric doesn’t show because it’s the bag bottom. Maybe a template showing where to place designs on the outer bag would have been helpful.

I will make another Sew Together bag in the future and I have a stack of Amy Butler fabric that will be perfect for that.  Just need to order a new roll of stabilizer because I used every bit of what I had on this.

Rainbow Sew Together Bags

Rainbow Sew Together Bags

Rainbow Sew Together Bags

Rainbow Sew Together Bags

Rainbow Sew Together Bags

Rainbow Sew Together Bags

Rainbow Sew Together Bags

Pumpkin time! My office at work really gets into decorating. When I say really… I mean they are already decorating for fall right now and I was kind of forced to decorate a pumpkin that was provided to me. These half-pumpkins are available at craft stores and include a hanging slot in the back to put on your wall or door as a display. I wasn’t sure what to do with my pumpkin at first and toyed with a few different ideas before realizing I had a ton of buttons I could use and a hot glue gun. Of course I don’t like to stick to all fall colors and had to make it a pseudo-rainbow. It needs a bow but the main part is finished.
    Button Pumpkin

Button Pumpkin

UFO Progress – I’ve been working on three different UFOs.  The iSpy quilt has gotten to the stage where all hexagons have the triangles sewn to them.  Now I can press and start sewing the rows together.  For my gingham flying geese I have all the geese sewn just need to press and figure out how I want to add them to the elephant gingham quilt. I also pulled out an old jelly roll race quilt that was in the stage of being sewn and finished the top. I don’t think I’m going to put a border on it unless I can find the fabric I bought for the border. I know I bought yardage but I might just use that for binding and finish it up.

New Quilt! I’ve started work on my La Moyne Star themed quilt for our guild exhibition next Spring. I will be doing all paper pieced star blocks (I’m using the Lone Starburst pattern from Six White Horses – Free on Craftsy) For my background fabrics I did a low volume pull from my stash and this is what I came up with.  Right now I’m assembly-line paper piecing the A units.

Low volume fabric pull for a new project #lamoynestar #paperpiecedmodern #lowvolumequilt #lowvolumefabric A photo posted by Katie V. (@magnoliafly) on


  1. The bags look like a pain in the butt to sew together.
    Pretty jelly roll race quilt.

  2. Lisa from Boise says:

    You knock my socks off ! What quantity and quality !

  3. Love the sew together bags. You are certainly making progress on your UFOs.

  4. Like your bags very much , they look great
    Good to see you enjoying your crafts once more 😀

  5. Love the sew together bags…turned out great. I really need to make one of them one of these days!

  6. Thank you so much for the review on the sew together bag, it helps a lot to those of us who are still hesitating of making it. Yours look so cheerful and cute! I love your jelly roll race! And thank you for the links for the Lone Star pattern, I will definitely check it out!

  7. Great bags I’m really not a bag I wish I was because I would sew up a storm. I understand how difficult it would be to put one together when the instructions are not clear on when you are trying to make something that is important to you. I have never used Amy Butler fabric but I have heard it is wonderful to work with. Your pumpkins are very pretty I would have never thought to use buttons to decorate them with. I’m glad that you are working on quilting projects and a La Moyne Star themed quilt for you guild I’m excited to see how it will look.