Minimalist Boho Chic DIY Wedding Ideas

Plans are slowly coming together for our elopement (which my mom kindly reminds me isn’t really an elopement if it isn’t a surprise) and I’m having fun picking out little things I want to do to make it “ours”. I decided to sew my own wedding dress and had to hunt down just the right tablecloth to do it.  Winning that ebay auction was a bit stressful but it’s here and ready to be fashioned into a tablecloth dress (see the Tablecloth Dress DIY tutorial I’m using here).  It washed just fine (smelled delightfully of old England upon arrival) and the color is a nice ecru that will set off the ribbons I thread through it quite well.

Sewing the dress was interesting.  I think my twill tape could have been a bit wider but it did okay. I have to go back and make some adjustments to the sleeves and I’m going to do some things to the collar/shoulder area to create an open shoulder that I think will be pretty. The tutorial gave suggestions for a tablecloth size that ended up being a bit short for me as a plus size girl (which was disappointing) but I’m adding some cute lace shorts underneath the dress to fix that issue and I think it will work out fine.  Overall the tutorial did a good job I just think they could have included additional instructions for girls that aren’t a size 3.  I used the heck out of my serger and it did great!

We’ve chosen a historic Florida courthouse to be married in and booked our photographer a few weeks ago. She’s shot weddings at that particular courthouse before and they do them inside or outside in a gazebo. After the ceremony we will get some shots around town together.

Aside from my handmade dress I’m also making a flower crown for my hair and a paper rose bouquet. It took me a little bit to find a paper rose tutorial that I liked the look of but I found this great one using cookie cutters, scrapbook paper, distress ink and hot glue. I’m really excited for a crafty wedding!

I’m trying to keep the wedding as simple as possible with materials I can use elsewhere when it is over with.  I don’t want to buy anything specifically for the wedding that can’t be used or worn again somewhere else.


Outside of wedding stuff I’m preparing to do another big declutter as it’s been a year or so since I moved to my little house. We survived the fringes of another hurricane unscathed. I’ve done a tiny bit of sewing as I’ve had time but I’ve been pretty busy of late. Hoping to record a new podcast soon! It’s been too long.



  1. Love your minimalist wedding Katie. Tablecloth dress looks wonderful so far. Good to see a couple not spending a ridiculous amount of money on their wedding and making it much more personal

  2. Love the tablecloth dress Idea. You are so talented.

  3. That is going to be one pretty wedding dress Katie! When is the big date? I still have not worked up the courage to break my serger in 🙁