96 – New quilt, Christmas at the Cottage, What to Watch

  • 15977849_10154784928318190_19064427847658945_nWunderlist – app recommendation. Great for shared lists.
  • TV and movie recommendations
    • The Crown (Netflix)
    • The OA (Netflix)
    • Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath (A&E)
    • Young Pope (HBO)
    • Minimalism the Documentary (Netflix)
    • La La Land
    • Master of None (Netflix)
    • Galavant (Netflix)
    • Humans (Amazon)
  • Snowflakes and some machine embroidery fun
  • First Christmas Stocking
  • First Christmas at the cottage
  • Paper piecing – It’s Complicated
  • Guild meeting and meeting a listener
  • Minimalism progress
  • Reactions to the Quilters Without Leaders interview
  • Weightloss progress

Soooo much paper to remove now…. #lemoynestar #modernpaperpiecing #paperpiecing #quilting #moda A photo posted by Katie V. (@magnoliafly) on


  1. bobbi dougherty says:

    great pod cast. When do you meet with the quilt guild?

  2. Beautiful quilt. BeAuTiFuL! Seriously! Love it. Great job. 😉

  3. Fun podcast & updates – bring John back for more tv & movie reviews!

  4. Love this podcast and YES, John needs to come back often. The happiness in your voice is wonderful, Katie.

  5. I learned lots from you podcast. Love the quilt, is it a published pattern?
    I plan on watching a few of John and your picks while I am quilting. Keep up the
    Good work..

  6. Your quilt is absolutely beautiful! Love the bright colors. You and John make a great team.

  7. Colleen N says:

    Your segment with John added a whole new dimension to your podcast. I like it!

    I found your discussion on minimalism very interesting. I need to go through my stash with that approach. I have so much fabric, it is overwhelming. I really do better with just one project at a time.

  8. Welcome, John! Nice to hear your voice and hope we hear it a lot more.
    Katie, can we get a little getting to know John section in one episode? Beyond the fact that he is an intelligent sounding man with an interest in movies and great taste in women, we know nothing.

  9. Lisa of Boise says:

    Yes, what Gretchen F. said.

  10. #johnjunction gets a huge thumbs up! More, more, more (he sounds so professional o:) )! I like Gretchen’s idea of a “get-to-know-you” session if John would oblige! Thanks for the ideas of what to watch – I’m going to give a number of them a try! Some suggestions for John’s definitions of quilting terms – UFO, HST, On-Point (a favorite my husband likes to toss out even though he really doesn’t know what it means LOL), leader/ender, I, too, am having an issue with too much stuff in my studio and trying to figure out how to tackle it, so I understand what you’re going through!

  11. Great to hear you are podcasting again… loved the show with your hubby…. you both seem so right … so Happy for you both.💖💖💖💖

  12. Gay Ferland says:

    Gorgeous quilt!!! Hmmmmmm, got me thinking, all my scraps are huge! Should get some milage from all them babies!!! Thanks for sharing!!!!