Finished – It’s Complicated

This is my first larger sized quilt using all paper pieced blocks. I pulled a bag of leftover scraps I had from two different jelly rolls that seemed to coordinate well together – Kate Spain “Terrain” and Lily Ashbury “Summer House”.  For the background of the blocks I pulled every low volume piece of fabric I could find in my stash. Now I have a great excuse to go shopping for more low volume fabric to replace it! Used up a lot of favorites in this quilt and thankfully I get to keep it once it returns home after our quilt show at the Lakeland Sew Expo.

It's Complicated - Paper Pieced Quilt

This quilt was created to participate in our Tampa Modern Quilters Guild display at the Lakeland Sew Expo using our theme of “La Moyne Star” reimagined. I’ve had this pattern from Six White Horses in my computer folder for a while and decided to really try and do something larger with it.

It's Complicated - Paper Pieced Quilt

The quilt is a lap size quilt. I’d definitely do a larger quilt with different colors.  I think the only thing I’m not in love with is the gray fabric I used for the skinny star that should separate the candy color fabrics – it is too light and doesn’t contrast enough for my taste.  I’d go with a much darker gray next time.

It's Complicated - Paper Pieced Quilt

And why the missing piece? It’s complicated! Just kidding… I don’t know what happened to the paper section I needed to finish that block so I decided to make it a design element.

It's Complicated - Paper Pieced Quilt

I quilted this quilt using 50 weight Aurifil thread that matched the beige background.  Wavy lines vertically with a few diagonal lines thrown in at the end. It was really hard to not over-complicate the quilting but I thought the piecing looked complicated enough without needing to go overboard on the quilting too.  Trying to keep something minimalist about my quilting in here!

It's Complicated - Paper Pieced Quilt

It's Complicated - Paper Pieced Quilt


  1. look great! I love mixing fabric lines and you have something very pretty indeed! I love paper piecing myself.

  2. Connie Rademacher says:

    Love your quilt . What is the name and manufacturer of the background fabric. So unusual.

  3. Connie Rademacher says:

    Love your quilt . What is the name and manufacturer of the background fabric. So unusual.

    I actually meant the backing fabric of the printed words.

  4. bobbi dougherty says:

    I love this one! When you get it back home, do you just take the sleeve off of it? Also, what is the name of the backing fabric? Love, Love, Love this one!!!!!

  5. This may be my new favorite quilt…..just lovely.

  6. It’s gorgeous!!! I love it!!!!!

  7. Yor quilt turned out great. I wish I could ever convince myself not to over complicate the quilting.

  8. Katie it’s beautiful I think I may try this one for my own bed. With lots of purple my favorite. Very nice.

  9. Love it! When I first started quilting, my teacher was very encouraging (God bless her) Any mistakes I made would be called “slight variations” I love that term!

  10. It looks great Katie!
    I went to the link to check out the pattern and it turns out I have it already! I just needed to download the updated version fro Craftsy.
    I know I will make one of these in the future as I love Lemoyne Star and paer piecing.
    I also love the backing.
    (second time commenting, as I got a your comment appears to be a spam msg the first time)

  11. You know I love this quilt, right? I may have already mentioned it a few times. It makes me happy that you get to keep it.