The Boho Wedding Photos – Plus Bonus Catchup!

The weeks just fly by now. I’ve been doing some sewing and quilting and actually finished my first quilt of the year last week.  Pics of the quilt will be posted next week once I pull the photos off my good camera. Fingers crossed that I’ll also be recording a new podcast episode this weekend to catch everyone up on my sewing and quilting shenanigans. It’s nice getting back into things!

We received our photos back last month and I couldn’t be happier with how they came out. We had a great photographer take us around the historic downtown Bradenton area for our photoshoot after our very quick ceremony outside. By the end of it I was dying to take my boots off!

John+ Katie Wedding - December 1, 2016

Since finishing a quilt I’ve got a few commissions that have popped onto my plate. I’m also figuring out what UFO project I want to work in to finish. Might pick something easy to do so I can tick it off my list and create more room in my closet for other things.

Last month was also when we went on our honeymoon cruise to the Western Caribbean so we will detail that on the next podcast episode together and I’ll share some of my favorite photos from our trip. Lots of catching up for me but I’m excited to finally have some content to blog about now that I’m settling into my new life.

Much love! – Katie


  1. Tracy Thompson says:

    Congrats!!!! So happy for you! You looked absolutely lovely!

  2. carol plant says:

    Congratulations to you both !!! the wedding photos are lovely

  3. Congratulations. You look so pretty.

  4. shelly grappe says:

    Congradulations to all. Lovely bride, handsome groom!