Bohemian Star – A paper-pieced design – Free Pattern

I’m very proud to finally publish this design I’ve been working on the last few months.  This design began as a sketch on a piece of scrap paper as I wanted to create something scrap-friendly and I think I came up with something a bit better.  Playing with the different colorways and layouts made me more and more excited for this block and the potential it has.  This block is suitable for someone that is a confident-beginner in paper-piecing.  If you aren’t familiar with paper-piecing I highly recommend checking out this tutorial.

As a thank you to my followers of my blog and/or podcast I’ve made this design free! It is my gift to you for all the kindness you’ve sent my way over the years.

Bohemian Star

  • Two Star Layouts – choose to have a three segment center star or a four segment center star simply by flipping the block segments around.
  • Secondary Pattern – When you create a quilt using four or more blocks you get a secondary center star

Included In the Free Pattern Download

  • 4″, 6″, 8″, 10″, 12″ and 14″ Finished Block Foundations – go small, big or in between and have fun with it.
  • Coloring Sheets – I’ve included coloring sheets for the single block segment, two different star layouts, 4 block quilt, 9 block quilt, and 16 block quilt.
  • Swatch Sheet – Keep your fabric selections organized and handy so you know which fabric goes in which segment
  • Colorway Examples – Two different quilts showing a few color combinations

Thank you to my pattern-testers for their very valuable feedback and for taking the time to test out this crazy idea I had. You definitely pushed me to make smart changes to the design so it was easy to follow.


  1. margaretk says:

    Thanks! I am looking forward to trying this block>

  2. Thank you… so looking forward to created this

  3. Thanks so much Katie! It’s on my To Do list!

  4. Thank you. Looking forward to trying this.

  5. Thank you for the pattern.

  6. bobbi dougherty says:

    This is awesome, thank you.

  7. Very pretty pattern and I love the colors

  8. Very pretty pattern and I love the colors

  9. Thank you for the pattern. It is very pretty, looking forward to starting.

  10. Katie, thanks so much for this pattern. I am new to paper piecing and this looks like a great place to start.

  11. Kitty Pearl says:

    Awesome block! And coloring pages, what a great idea!